15 Crucial Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 16, 2018

Relationships require real work and effort to sustain. It's difficult to start one but extremely easy to destroy them. What you say, how you behave, right down to how you look them in the eye can have a tremendous impact on your relationship status. Here are 15 mistakes you should definitely avoid if you want to keep your girlfriend around for longer.

You think you have them figured out

Do not assume for a minute that you have your girlfriend figured out. Because doing so means you're attempting to control their actions and behavior. This gives off a creepy vibe and she might try to pull out away from you in self defense.

Acting like a weiner

You need to act like a winner, NOT a weiner. Just because women like to be independent in a relationship does not mean they will settle for a man who's a wuss. Be the ideal man comes across as strong but knows when to relinquish control.

You don't respect her

Perhaps due to cultural influences or because they're simply being jerks, some men are of the opinion that by not respecting their women, they're creating a kind of charm around them which will attract their partner for the long haul. That's not the case - period!

You're no longer attentive

While we understand that you have many commitments to both your personal and professional life, this doesn't mean you should completely pull out of their lives. Your girlfriend thrives on attention, so give it to her. Do not take her for granted.

You're a little too jealous

A bit of healthy jealousy goes a long way in maintaining strong relationships. But if you take it overboard by displaying constant paranoia about her cheating on you - it will backfire and she WILL resort to cheating on you.

You're too emotional

Have you seen those movies of John Rambo? The guy has a completely stoic attitude devoid of all emotional behavior. THIS is what attracts the girls to him. So don't melt down in her embrace every time she comes knocking.

Trust her more

You can argue that lack of trust is one of the components of jealousy. The less you trust her, the more jealousy you tend to show. But trust is one of the strongest forces holding a relationship together.

You're cheating on her

It must have been a one time fluke but it sure is enough to carve a giant, gaping wound in your relationship. If your relationship was already in a weakened state, getting caught is usually enough to send it over the edge,

You don't have goals

Just as any job has expectations about where you see 4 years in the future, relationships also have the same objective in mind. At some point in your relationship, you should be able to define and achieve certain goals such as marriage and children.

You're never forgiving her

She hurt you a few months ago by stepping on your toes. You felt offended but decided to sweep it under the rug. But the jerk in you always brings up the past in heated arguments. This goes to show you haven't forgiven her.

Being irritated

We understand that sometimes you develop feelings of hostility and resentment toward someone you hang out all of the time. But it is important to not display these feelings outwardly because it's just a phase and will pass.

Ignoring her demands

Suppose your girlfriend demands something you have the ability to give to her but you decide not to. It means you're being a jerk and are testing the limits of how far she can tolerate you. At one point she will return the favor by leaving you.

Stalking her

While it is perfectly understandable to check on your girlfriend every now and then on social media, it is NOT okay to open multiple tabs on your browser of her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even the Google+ account!

You don't understand her yet

At a certain point in the relationship, you should be able to understand the ins and outs of what your girlfriend wants from the get go. For instance you should know what to order in a restaurant to demonstrate that you care on a personal level.

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