15 Warning Signs Of A Potential Heart Attack

Science | By Charlie Blacks II | January 13, 2018

Heart disease and heart attacks are amongst the biggest reasons why Americans die on the daily. Matter of fact, over 600,000 deaths are due to heart-related complications a year in the United States. Many people believe that there are no warning signs or symptoms of a heart attack coming but, on the contrary, 75% of heart attacks have symptoms prior to taking place and could possibly be prevented. With that being said, check out these fifteen warning signs of a potential heart attack and take care of yourselves CultureHook faithful.


This is usually a symptom and sign found more commonly in women but, if you find yourself becoming anxious for no reason it could be a potential of a heart attack approaching in the coming months. When the heart is weak, it can't deliver and distribute the oxygen in your blood cells causing you to feel anxious at times.

Nausea & Indigestion

Here's another sign that is more common in women than men but, it still can be a prevalent sign of something to come. The fatty deposits around the heart restrict the heart from functioning properly which can result in upset stomachs and indigestion, if rigorous activity causes stomach pain and subsides when you relax, you should visit a physician at your earliest convenience.

Persistent Cough

You guys might not think much of this but, if you have a persistent cough without being sick whatsoever it could be a sign of heart failure or a heart attack. With a failing heart intact, the lungs begin to fill up with liquid and fluids which sometimes can become bloody phlegm discharge.

Feeling Dizzy Or Faint

With the heart not being able to evenly distribute blood throughout the body becoming dizzy or faint is a potential sign of a heart attack because your heart can't provide your brain with the necessary oxygen to function correctly. This is another sign you shouldn't ignore at all.


If you happen to find yourself constantly tired, physically unmotivated with no energy whatsoever and no amount of rest seems to get you back to feeling like your normal self, a heart attack could be brewing. According to researchers, 70% of heart attack victims have claimed they felt extremely fatigued weeks prior to falling ill.

Shortness Of Breath

40% of heart attack victims have claimed that they have felt shortness of breath prior to their heart attacks and that's because the damage of the circulation of the heart's left ventricle is damaged causing oxygen distribution to be altered which contributes to having shortness of breath.


Fluid buildup is a result of poor blood circulation which is due to a damaged heart. The parts of the body prone to building up fluid are the abdomen, legs, and areas around the eyes. Also, a considerable amount of weight gain due to the fluid build-up is another sign of potential heart failure as well.


Without the proper flow of oxygen distributed throughout the body because of heart damage, weakness of the body is a sign that a heart attack or heart failure could possibly be on the horizons. Heart attack victims have claimed that they felt as weak as having the flu prior to becoming ill.

Neck & Jaw Pain

Sometimes, heart attacks aren't caused by the condition of one's heart but, because of clotted blood not being able to flow properly throughout the body and these blockages usually result in severe neck and jaw pain. Be aware this is yet another important symptom that gets ignored by their victims.


Before any of you go jumping out of the window, numbness usually isn't a sign of heart failure without being accompanied by some of the other symptoms on this list but, with blood flow being restricted from certain parts of the body, it could be a sign that a heart attack is coming.

Skin Color Change

Hopefully, none of you would wait to the point of your skin actually changing hues but, yes, this is a sign that a heart attack is going to occur in the near future. With the blood vessels in your skin determining your natural skin tone any type of paleness or greyness in the skin is a sign that blood isn't being properly distributed and heart failure could be coming.

Perspiration & Cold Sweats

According to researchers at the University of Chicago, they've found that prior to having a heart attack the body releases a dopamine-like hormone by the name of catecholamine, which results in clamminess, cold sweats, and heavy perspiration. Be very aware of this symptom if this becomes a common occurrence.

Irregular Heartbeat

If a rapid, random pulse or irregular heartbeat occurs randomly without explanation you might want to consider contacting your physician as this is a common sign that can occur months or weeks prior to having a heart attack. Especially, if these irregular pulsations result in lightheadedness or dizziness.

Pain Underneath The Arm

When a damaged heart is on the verge of failing, it will send signals to the spinal cord which results in pain underneath the arm, especially on the left side of the underarm. This pain is often confused as muscle pain and tends to come and go but, we would recommend that you be extremely cautious if this pain is persistent.

Chest Pains

This might be the most of signs but, it is one that should definitely be taken into consideration for the sake of your well-being but, if you experience chest pains especially on the left side of the body complete with signs of pressure or a squeezing sensation you could be looking at a potential heart attack on the verge of occurring.

We're no doctors but, we can definitely provide you guys with some warning signs to look out for. Take care of yourselves for the sake of your own health and families.



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