The Differences Between Liking And Loving Someone

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | January 13, 2018

We're not perfect when it comes to finding out whether or not if someone who's sparked our interest should be a long or short-term investment. The world of dating and getting to know someone is so microwavable these days as many tend to rush into things in search of characteristics and attributes they look for in a mate but, with the ability to forget about the last with the help of social media and dating apps many have failed to realize the telltale signs of true love. Luckily, you have us to help you know the difference between someone liking you and genuinely loves you. Without further ado, check out the differences for yourself.

Smiling & Blushing

This might be the clearest sign in the world because you really don't know what that special someone is doing or thinking while you're not around but, if you find yourself blushing in your lonesome because of that specific someone you might want to consider if what you feel for them is love.

Unapologetically You

We can be real and admit that when we initially meet someone for the first time we attempt to put our best foot forward in order to woo those we're attracted to and there's nothing wrong with that. But, when you have the ability to be yourself and still receive the same love from your partner is when you know things are real.

Going Or Staying

Towards the beginning of a relationship, you and your significant other tend to spend nights on the town or discovering the city and having new experiences together, which is cool but, a prime example of true love is when you have the ability to do nothing at all with your partner and still have the time of your life.

A Little Jealousy

We're sure we raised a few eyebrows with this one but, here us out before you jump to conclusions. In a relationship, a little bit of jealousy is to be expected and that's good because that means that your significant other sees value in you and wants to protect that but, if they're showing dangerous levels of jealousy, that's not healthy whatsoever.


In all honesty, we're all conscious of our physical appearance if we want to believe it or not and still, that's perfectly normal and fine but, what many don't realize when they're with boyfriends/girlfriends after a substantial amount of time is that being conscious of your aesthetic tends to go out the window after awhile.

Spending Time

When you first kick it off with someone it seems like there isn't a moment in the day that you don't want to spend with them which is totally normal but in time as your relationship develops you encourage your partner to spend time with the people that care about as well even if it doesn't include you.


At one point in time during the beginning of relationships, a lot of tend us to think of our significant others and perfect but, in time we come to find that that isn't true or possible and take the good with the bad and accept them for their imperfections which is a sign of true love.

The Text Back

We think we've all been there when someone we've been wanting to talk to all day doesn't text us back and we begin to become frustrated which is normal but, with understanding and in being secure you should know in your heart that just because your lover doesn't answer you immediately is a sign of negativity.


Liking someone definitely doesn't take too much effort or work but, when you love someone it can become an inner-battle and something that takes a lot of work in order to maintain, especially when trust is involved. If you have someone who's willing to put in the work to love you, you probably have a keeper.


We're not sure how many of you that have been with the person that counts the weeks, days, and months since your first date or first kiss but we find that type of behavior to be a little overbearing. When you're truly enjoying someone's company time seems to fly without either of you noticing.

Spending Time Pt.II

Spending alone time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, or significant other is a necessary part in any healthy relationship but, there comes a time in your life when you want to meet the people who helped mold your partner into the person they become and thank them for it.

Pluck Vs. Water

Buddha's has had some of the greatest quotes in recorded history and the greatest relationship analogy of all-time. If you're not letting our loved ones grow and come into themselves, we're holding them back, thus plucking them from blossoming into their potential which is no sign of love in our book.

In Sickness & In Health

Personally, when we get sick we tend to quarantine ourselves from the rest of civilization for the health and safety of others but, if you have someone who insists on visiting while you're not feeling so well and making sure you're doing ok and getting better, they probably have genuine love for you.


Once again, an occasional fight here or there while in the midst of a relationship is totally normal and isn't a sign of a sinking ship but, if you lack communication in troubling times that's not a positive sign but, if you're able to come together and discuss your differences in time, you're showing signs of maturity and love.


When you like someone you're definitely living in the moment and going with the flow of things but, when it comes to loving someone you can see yourself living out the rest of your days with them. You can notice this type of commitment through conversation quite easy if someone continuously mentions you in their future plans.

Know the difference people between liking and loving, the signs are there, you just have to read them.



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