15 Signs You Have Found Your True Soul Mate

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 12, 2018

Some people spend their whole life searching for the perfect one, but are not always successful. One reason for this can be that we don't just know when we are in a relationship with the perfect girl. Here we have 15 reasons that are enough for you to know just when you are in a relationship with the perfect soul mate.

Random Events

Random events led to you two coming together. When you are in a formal relationship and think about what brought you together, you can't stop yourself from dream-like all of it was. All of it seems like a cheesy romantic movie you wouldn't want to be out of.

You Clicked at the Perfect Time

You must have heard of all the tragic stories regarding some protagonists who were meant to be soul mates, but couldn't be so because they had met at the wrong time. This is not the case with you as you seem to have cracked the love lotto.

You're Not Impressing Each Other

The other person really completes you and it feels like they have become a part of your life. Both of you genuinely complete each other and cannot imagine living life without the presence of each other. You know they feel the same as well.

You Can Read Each Other's Mind

You may not comprehend the chemistry between each other right now, but you really can read each other's mind. You seem to know what they want and at the right moment. This feeling is damn romantic and has both of you love each other even more.

You're Empathetic towards Each Other

When the other person is down you just know what to do and are there to help them out of the situation. You understand each other's feelings and are willing to connect other than just the initial physical connection.

On the Same Path

Although both of you have different interests in life and career choices you seem to mirror each other's passion. You have a similar attitude to life and have a drive towards achieving the same thing from life. This makes your future even better and brighter.

You Don't Mind Silence

You're off the initial stages of talking gibberish all day long and feel that there is no need to impress the other. Silence doesn't kill you anymore and you don't feel the need to break the silence because you understand the reasons behind it.

You're not jealous

Regardless of how much you care for or love someone, the concept of jealousy can never be counted off. However, both of you realize what you are capable of and click so well that jealousy isn't present anymore.

You Know They Won't Cheat

If you can trust one person for being faithful to you it would be the other person. They seem to be made for you and there is no room for cheating anymore. Both of you connect so well that there is no need for trying out someone else.

You Respect Each Other

You respect each other and don't consider each other as objects. You are not excited by fawning over their bodies and what turns you on now is their mind and their soul. You have a connection that many people spend their enter lifetime for.

You Don't Threaten Each Other

Even soul mates get to argue with each other over different matters, but you don't threaten the other person. In fact, whenever you get into an argument you do realize the repercussions and look for a solution together.

You're Not Bothered

While other couples may be fighting over minute stuff, you are not bothered over it and let it slide. You love each other a lot and nothing, not even an argument, gets in the way of it. Things that typically annoy you make you gel even more now.

You Know How to Say Sorry

Saying sorry or apologizing for a mistake is not easy and is the reason behind many breakups. You know how to handle issues and put your best foot forward when it is time to apologize. You don't want to ruin anything due to trivial matters.

They Provide Relief

They provide you with the relief you need in your life. As soon as things get tough, you know you can count on them. You always have them by your side and they can make things easier by standing by you in stressful situations.

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