15 Cartoon Characters That Happen To Be Living Amongst Us

Entertainment | By Charlie Blacks II | January 9, 2018

Animated television shows and movies have been predicting our future for decades but, when it comes to the overall aesthetic of some Disney's most well-known characters of today and yesterday, these characters are more present than one would think. There's a lot of Disney character lookalikes that walk the ordinary streets with us, some intentionally and some not so unintentionally which makes things all the more hilarious. With that being said, check out these fifteen real-life Disney and cartoon characters that you won't believe actually exist.

Elsa | Frozen

Honestly, if this chick doesn't have a gig at Disneyland or Disney World we'd be extremely disappointed in the brand. How can you deny this young lady of a job with the type of dedication she's put forth in order to aesthetically look identical to Elsa from Frozen herself. Is it creepy? Yes. But this is the type of dedication we want to see from our theme park characters.

Gru | Despicable Me

This guy thought he could really pull a fast one on all of us without being called out. We know Gru when we see him. Also, he really shouldn't be in hiding being that he's become one of the most liked Disney supervillains of all time. One more thing we'd like to know is where he's headed as well.

Mrs. Potato Head | Toy Story

Yikes, for all of you dedicated Barbs and Nicki Minaj fans out there before you jump down our throats, we're not totally responsible for this comparison but, if you ask us... This is pretty hilarious. We've never thought to compare Mrs. Potato Head to Nicki but, now that the image is in our heads we can't unsee it. LOL.

Minions | Despicable Me/Minions

Never has the sidekicks of a villain become so successful and likable but, here we are in 2018 and Disney's Minions are here to stay. Unfortunately, with our American-ness showing we're not too knowledgeable of European soccer clubs and really don't want those problems from these fans whatsoever. We've seen the riots, fights, and antics, and want no parts of any of that.

Leela | Futurama

Futurama might not be under the Disney brand as of yet, as Fox and Disney work out the details of their paperwork but, this is definitely worth making the list. Teen Mom's, Farrah Abraham's botched lip injections side-by-side with a picture of Leela of Futurama is the funniest thing we've witnessed all week.

Lili | Lilo & Stitch

Personally, we believe that Disney should revamp the Lilo & Stitch brand and bring back the television show. If we want to take things a step further and talk about a live-action remake, look no further than this little cutie here. Hopefully, she's got her acting chops up.

Merida | Brave

Any type of movie, or reality for that matter, where young women get to be bada** and take down the patriarchy we're all for and this young lady on the right killed the character of Merida from Disney's Brave. From the looks of things, she appears to be on the job at Disneyland entertaining the youth.

Meg Griffin | Family Guy

Meg might be the most forgettable character on the critically-acclaimed television series Family Guy but, if you saw the young woman on the right walking down the street, you wouldn't be able to help yourself from thinking that this was real-life Meg Griffin in the flesh. Perfectly executed if you ask us.

Hot Meg | Family Guy

And then there's... Hot Meg. Meg Griffin might be your average middle-America plain Jane type of gal but, there has been times on the show where Meg stepped her game up and proved her haters wrong and this young lady embodies just that. If anyone knows of this young lady, let us know in the comments. Seriously... Let us know...

Gadget Hackwrench | Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

It seems like all of our favorite mouse-based cartoon characters of the '80s and '90s are no longer and these animation companies have moved on to other zany characters but, Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers will always be a shining moment in your youth and this young lady killed the Gadget Hackwrench cosplay as well. Well done.

Flash | Zootopia

We feel like Zootopia is one of those films that needs to be seen by both adults and children but, do we think that we should be comparing the movie's sloth character, Flash, to any living human being? Maybe not. But, is it hilarious? You damn right. We're not sure if this young lady is violently high on some type of drug or having an allergic reaction to something but, we can definitely see the similarities.

The Simpsons | The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the most longlasting animated series of all-time and we've loved the show since it's conception but, this is just creepy. Not only is the yellow skin paint taking things a little too far but, the bulging eyes are nightmare worthy. We give them an A for effort though. Dope concept.

Yubaba | Spirited Away

For those of you, unfamiliar with the animated film, Spirited Away, it is a Japanese film in which this character, Yubaba, is known as the main antagonist who dwells within the spirit world. Honestly, we try to stay away from picking on the elderly but, these two do have some facial similarities. We're sure this older lady is much more of a sweetheart than Yubaba is though.

Ned Flanders | The Simpsons

You darn, diddly, fiddly right that one of our favorite characters from The Simpsons in Ned Flanders made the list. The classic thick, '80s porn mustache and glasses combination will never not remind us of Ned. Not to mention, one of our favorite episodes of The Simpsons where Flanders snaps in front of the entire town. Classic.

Jessica Rabbit | Trail Mix-Up

We'd be lying if we said that we didn't have a crush on Jessica Rabbit in our youth. Did it matter that she was just an animated cartoon character? Hell no, she was seductive and sexy in our young minds and apparently the live-action version of her is everything we could have imagined so, can you blame us?

From animated characters to real life, our favorite characters walk amongst us.



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