Do Not Marry A Guy If He Has These Terrible Habits

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 9, 2018

Every creep tries to hide his true malice nature and goes out of his way to appear overly friendly. But these 15 habits will always find a way to manifest themselves in creeps no matter how efficiently they try to mask their devious nature. So if your better half somehow happens to carry even one of these 15 habits, take it as a red flag that you should probably stay away from him - he's definitely not marriage material!

He is very hostile

Most women are very accommodating of hostile men and try their best to give them opportunities to improve their negative behavior. But these deranged men think they're entitled to good treatment and won't improve no matter what.

Dude doesn't like kids

It's one thing to not desire having offspring, its an entirely different thing to actually hate them. This man probably lacks the ability to feel empathy and does not understand human emotions. This stoic man has no soft side to him.

He doesn't respect you enough

The guy has no qualms about reminding you of any weaknesses you may have. These could include physical blemishes or problems with employment. It's his way of asserting authority. He might turn violent in order to cover his insecurities.

Breaks promises

It's not that he's unable to fulfill his end of the bargain, it's that he doesn't make any effort towards honoring his promise. When confronted with his lies and lackadaisical attitude, he rarely shows any guilt. He simply doesn't care.

He's quick to anger

The guy has a problem with his temperament and just about every little thing annoys him to no end. If the guy can't stand the mere sight of you and only uses you for intimate relations, then he's not worth having around.

Never admits he's wrong

It's okay to be defensive about your own actions, but it's not okay if the guy never admits he was in the wrong even though his mistakes could have been easily avoided. The guy simply doesn't have it in him to own up to his mistakes.

Makes too many excuses

It's normal for men to make excuses every now and then. But this man makes far too many excuses, and he knows it's not working on you but still tries to enforce them upon you in the hopes that you'll pestering him.

He reminds you of past mistakes

Mistakes are meant to be buried in the past and forgotten. But this guy keeps on bringing them up to remind you of the sorry person you are. His end goal is to bloat his own ego up at the expense of your psychological well being.

He does not like listening

He makes as an excellent conversationalist and always has something interesting to add to a discussion. But when its your turn to say something, the guy casually slides into his smartphone to avoid listening to your side of the story.

Frequently lies

He not only makes frequent excuses but also tries to bury his indifference under the shade of lies. Except even his lies are poorly crafted and can be easily seen through, and he knows full well that you're aware of his antics.

He doesn't like bringing in your family

Not only is the guy annoyed at your family members, he only expresses explicit disdain towards his own. He just doesn't care about anyone else in life other than his own selfish desires. Imaging having children with this monster.

His other relationships are not any better off

The guy is a pain to have around. Put simply, he's a miser. All of his social circles, from his boss to his coworkers, his family to his girlfriend (you) find him incredibly hard to deal with.

He turns abusive

The man has no problems turning abusive or even downright violent in order to show his dominance. One moment he's all mellow and the next he's like a raging bull who's not afraid to display his anger.

He is a cheater

The man has no problems cheating on you with other women. Sometimes he doesn't even care if you're aware of his antics and makes lame excuses to try getting away with it once he does get caught.

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