15 Mistakes You Should Not Make With Your Girlfriend

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 8, 2018

Regardless of how good you think your relationship is currently, things can immediately turn sour if you make any of the mistakes that we have outlined here in the future with your girlfriend. There are naturally 1000 ways you can destroy your relationship, but these are the ones done most often by clueless guys who have no clue what is about to happen in their lives.

Too Many Gifts

Buying too many gifts for your girlfriend will just put an end to the emotional value of your relationship and make your girlfriend seem like a commodity. It is important that you give presents only on special occasions that call for one.

Non-Stop Bragging

To be really in live, both of you need to like each other for who they are. Non-stop bragging on your side won't make her love you more, but will only deter your relationship as most girls find bragging really creepy and off-putting.

Low Self-Esteem

You might be a loser elsewhere in life but for your girl you are the hero in her life. She not only wants you to man up but she expects you be confident and daring. A guy with low self-esteem is just a massive turn off literally.

Don't Assume

Girls hate it when guys don't ask stuff but start assuming instead. Our assumptions are often based on falsehood and aggravate the situation instead of calming it down. The best way to go about the issue is to realize that you should trust your girl.

Ask for Approval

Get to know her approval before you surprise her with something. Keep getting her approval on eateries, food and clothing to know what she's into, so you don't have to suffer the embarrassment of her not liking the surprise you just gave her.


Your girlfriend will not feel supported or protected in your presence if you spineless. If you cannot take a stand for yourself, how can you make her feel that you're there for her? You are her hero and it's time you understood the role.

Not All About Sex

Talking about sex whenever you are together is the wrong approach and will only fuel disappointment in your girlfriend's life. She wants someone who has more to the relationship than just sex and incessant kissing and making out.

Blaming Her for Your Mistakes

Everyone can make mistakes since no one is born flawless, but the wrong approach to the method is to put the blame on your girl instead of standing up and saying that you were fault. This is a really flawed way to look at things.

Not Confronting Problems

If you are currently ignoring all problems within the relation then prepare for a break up soon. All relationship problems need to confronted heads on and any negligence in this regard will mean that you are putting momentary relief over a long lasting relation.

Using Harsh Language

There are always bound to be fights in your relationship over time. But, the language you use in these fights determines how long your relationship lasts. Use offending words and slang language and you should prepare to bid adieu to her.

Being Selfish

If you go into a relation with someone, you have to realize that there are certain luxuries, certain lifestyles that you may have to drop for leading a successful relationship. However, if you are selfish, she'd soon leave.

Being Judgmental

You might not bring it to her face, but she is bound to know if you start being judgmental of her. If you cannot stop judging her then it is good that you part ways, rather than wasting each other's time. Judging is an uncontrollable habit and should be dropped.

Not Appreciating Her

Your girlfriend just wore the dress she bought for herself from an expensive retailer. She wants you to compliment her beauty and appreciate her for all that she is doing. If you are unable to do so then prepare to stay nearby or together.

Trying to Change Her

You need to accept your girlfriend the way she is. No one can change a grown adult, so instead of changing your girlfriend, you can actually help her become a better version of herself. This would eventually increase the bond you share.

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