15 Signs That You're In Love With The Right Person

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 8, 2018

Understanding someone's real intentions isn't exactly like differentiating night and day. Love is a complex bug and those affected by it tend to become enamored by their infatuation. So how can you tell if you're in love with the right person? Here are 15 tell tale signs that you may have just found your true better half who won't betray you!

They brighten up your mood

This person brightens up your mood by going the extra mile to please you. It doesn't matter how bad or good the day may have been, your boyfriend somehow manages to make it all a million times better.

He's always in your mind

He has become the object of your obsession - which is not a creepy thing if requited by him too - so the first thought to enter your mind is of him. You think of him after waking up and before sleeping, 24/7, round the clock.

Completely selfless love

You were the most important person in the world. Everything revolved around you. Until you met her that is. Now, it has to be about her. Love dwarves your own needs in relation to those of your companion.

You'd catch a grenade for her

You will do everything in your power to make sure her needs are fulfilled. And that includes prioritizing your own safety over hers. In a life threatening situation, the first thought which crosses your mind is her safety.

The world fazes out

You have absolutely no qualms about displaying your love to her in public. You're not afraid about the judgment of the people around you because they are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. You have nothing to hide.

You don't care about the blemishes

You don't really care about her blemishes. The awkward moments when her mood swings from 0 to 100 real quick and she displays too much agitation. She more than makes up for it when in a better mood, which - is 99% of the time.

Future planning

Being truly in love with this person means you always have them in your foresight. Everything you plan, from your job to where you love, down to your retirement plans involve this person in one capacity or another.

You change completely

This one person has managed to change your own philosophical view of life. Before you encountered her, you were more cynical about life, there was little meaning behind intangible terms such as love. That soon changed when you met her.

You share everything with her

Before meeting her, you would record all your secret musings to yourself. Every life secret, all your ups and downs which you could not share with someone else have now become her secrets as well. In other words, she IS your secret diary.

You're too protective of them

For you, life has a new motto - whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. So if a fly sat on her nose somehow your thought process would involve taking her to the doctor to check for signs of infections or viruses.

When she cries you cry

Because her pains become yours - it hurts you when something or someone hurts her. So you begin to contemplate all kinds of scenarios in which you would confront this unreasonable person who harmed her to exact revenge.

Always touching her

You just can't keep yourself from touching her. The primary reason why you keep touching her is to reassure yourself that she isn't going anywhere, that she is here to stay and that she is all yours.

Everything reminds you of her

That little bottle resting comfortably on your table reminds you of how she would tilt her head to drink from it. The packet of chocolate chip cookies bring to memories of how she would chew them and ingest them. Anything and everything somehow has to do with her.

Always talking about her

If you find yourself talking about her all the time and with just about everyone you can find. This signifies how deeply in love you actually are. It is unhealthy however if you allow strangers to become privy to your love life.

Every minute with her matters

Every single fleeting moment you spend with her matters. Your body will do subtle things when she shows up such as your heart skipping a beat and sweating profusely in her presence. You're completely under her chokehold.

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