This Is The Type Of Guy You Should Pursue Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | January 5, 2018

If love is supposed to happen when we least expect it, how are we supposed to know when it happens? And on top of that, how are we supposed to know if we have found someone in our life worth pursuing? There are ways you can tell by seeing the signs if someone is interested in you, but often that can get complicated and confusing. Instead, if you are wondering what type person you should be chasing your heart after, look to the stars to tell you. Here are the types of guy you should pursue based on your zodiac sign.

What's In A Sign

The reason we look to the stars for advice comes from a very old study of how the alignment of the planets, the stars and the energy of the universe affects us when we are born. Due to these contributing factors we all have unique characteristics depending on what month we are born.

Know Yourself

Before you look to at other's people's Zodiac personalities it is important to have a good understanding of yourself and your own astrological profile. When you have a deep understanding of who you are and why, you are able to see that in others.

Feel The Chemistry

Once you have a comprehensive understanding of how your astrological sign impacts your life and your relationships, take what you know and use it to help influence your own intuition and chemistry to follow the right relationship path for you and your happiness.


Ambitious Aries needs to find someone who is going to be their match. A guy who will not back down from a challenge and loves to strive to be their best selves just like you. Find a guy who isn't afraid to step up to the plate and never settle for anything less.


As a stubborn Taurus, it is important that you pursue someone who is going to have to patience to deal with your hardheaded nature. Even though you often alienate people with these attributes, the right man for you will be the one who won't turn away and will continue to help you open up.


A Gemini woman is someone who really values communication and connection. So if you are a Gemini, be sure to find a mate who is willing to open up to you through long talks and discussing everything about each other. This is the person who you will find a deep connection with.


As a rather shy and reserved Cancer woman, you need to meet a guy who is going to help give you the confidence to push you out of your comfort zone and feel comfortable enough to try new and daring things. Someone with a lighthearted and spontaneous heart.


You are the star of the show Leo, and you want everyone to know it. That is ok because when you shine, you really get to be your best self. Pursue a man who is able to put his ego aside to let you be in the limelight, and to give you the undivided attention you need and deserve.


You set very high expectations for yourself Virgo, and that is why it is important for you to find a man who is going to be at your same level. A guy who is thoughtful and well organized, keeps himself put together and takes pride in his and your intelligence.


Do you feel like you are always second guessing yourself? As an unsure Libra, you always want to weigh in on every side to a situation. That is why you need a man who is going to help you make decisions and give you the shove to be confident to go in the right direction.


The most important thing in life for a scorpio is passion. Passion for all things, and in terms of love, a passion for the idea of love itself. Meet a man who is just as passionate about the idea of falling in love as you are and you are sure to have met your match.


Life can feel a little tense for a Sagittarius woman. This is why it is important for you to find a guy who will help you relax and find the small pleasures in life. A guy with a great sense of humor who constantly makes you smile will help you worry less and be happier.


Life is just one big "take over the world" type of situation for you Lady Capricorn. Meet a man who lives as ambitiously and confidently as you and the two of you can be more than partners in crime, you can canquor all of your dreams together.


You march to the beat of your own drum. It is as important to your identity as your ability to move and flow with the times. Meeting a man who is like a wandering sheep won't do it for you, you need to find a mate who brings out your free-spirited side.

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