15 Body Language Signs That Means He's Totally Into You

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | January 3, 2018

We think that a lot of people forget that communication is 85% nonverbal and expect for others around them to be direct and vocally communicate what exactly is on their minds even if they don't necessarily do so themselves. Ladies, some of you might think that men are willing to be direct in regards to their desire for you physically and emotionally but, to be totally honest, some of us are just as shy as you are which is why we're here to provide you with fifteen body language-based signs that might mean he's totally into you. Without further ado, check them out for yourselves.

Dilated Pupils

This is probably the easiest and most sure-fire way to find out if he's into you, dilated pupils. This is something that we consciously can't control either, our pupils will naturally dilate when we're looking at something or someone we're attracted to. So, look in those eyes ladies.

Shows Teeth

For some reason, showing any type of joy as a man is forbidden so, it's pretty big deal if you have the ability to make us smirk or grin but, if we begin to show you our teeth willingly out of pure excitement or joy, it's a definite sign of attraction that you should be aware of.

Licks His Lips

Alright, this only is applicable in a non-creepy way, we're not referring to anyone out there flickering their tongue at rapid velocities but, to those who have produced more saliva than usual because they're staring at someone they find to be scrumptious so, in order to control the extra moisture in their mouths they either press their lips together or lick 'em.

Locks Eyes With Your Face

Deceptive people are trained to look people in their eyes so, that can't always be taken as a true sign but, if he can't help but look you in the eyes and at the rest of your facial features he might be into you more than you'd think. If he spends 80% of the time enamored with your face, take advantage of the sign ladies.

Takes A Deep Breath When He Sees You

Well, of course, he needs to breathe in order to maintain living but, if you notice that someone you admire tends to take deep breaths before addressing you or when they see you it's because they want to appear to have a broader upper body and slimmer waist. It's more evolutionary and primal than you'd think.

Leans In Your Direction

This one can possibly get misconstrued but, if you have someone you're interested in and you're sure if they're interested in you happens to lean in to hear you a lot, especially in active surroundings, it's because they genuinely are interested in what you have to say and his body language is naturally showing you that he cares about your voice and opinions.

Initiates Nonsexual Body Contact

If you think you an admirer that has yet to reveal himself initiate nonsexual body contact such as a hand on a knee or an attempt to fix your hair, he's probably seeing how you will react to his initial touch to find out whether you're comfortable with him or not.

Sits With His Legs Open

A lot of guys sit with their legs open in general but, if a man sits with his legs open in your direction he might be subconsciously letting you putting himself in a vulnerable position and showing you that he's willing to put himself out there by displaying his sensitive man parts.

Angles His Pelvis Towards You

Not only can this be considered subconscious sexual banter but, it also shows you that his body is focused on one thing and that's you. This another body signal showing physical interest while if a man's pelvis was focused elsewhere it would show legitimate disinterest.

Points His Toes

Another subconscious body language sign that might indicate his interest in you is if his toes remain pointed your direction as well. The same theory applies as the pelvis and legs open signs, obviously, the man is interested in the only thing in the room that his body is pointed towards and if that's you, you might have him hooked.

He Talks To You Without Facing You

We know this goes against the last three body language signals we just listed but, this is a signal form of someone who isn't as confident or direct as others. If he continues to pursue a conversation with you or keep you interested in what he's saying without directly facing you, he wants your attention but, might not have the courage to do so directly.

Touches His Throat

You usually see this in more women than men but, if a man touches his throat in the midst of conversation it represents communication, vulnerability, and he's concerned about coming across well to you. Some say this could also be a sign of dishonesty so, watch out for this signal.

Grazes Forearm

If he continuously grazes your forearm in the midst of conversation, he wants to hear exactly what he's saying also, he's testing his limits in regards to how much body contact he can innocently get away with. This is a pure sign of attention-seeking.

Holding Hands

By the time he's holding your hand, you might think that it's obvious that he's into you but, is this gesture genuine? You can tell if he applies pressure connecting your palms together, this is a subconscious act that means he wants to establish a deeper connection. The same goes for interlocked fingers.

His Pace

If you're walking with that special someone who has yet to reveal their intentions and they always tend to match your pace you might have found someone special. If they tend to walk ahead of you, it shows selfishness and concern for self unless he's leading you through a crowd or a dangerous/scary space.

Ladies, take note of these signs and use them to your advantage.



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