15 Things Girls Do That Men Absolutely Love

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 2, 2018

Girls have the tendency to attract a guy's attention no matter what the guy may be doing. Whether it is a subtle action or an attention-seeking stunt, a guy will turn his head for a girl. Aside from being total babes, there are 15 things in particular that guys love seeing girls do as it attracts them in a sexy and cute way. Although, these 15 traits will make a male breathing faster, they will allow a woman to become a better version of her as well. For all those single girls who have been obsessed with one boy, now is your chance to woo him and sweep him of his feet for you.

Be Confident With Yourself

Easier said than done, but a guy gets attracted towards a girl when he knows she is confident with herself. A girl that knows how to carry herself and one who knows how to act in front of certain people will automatically attract a male.

High Heels, Higher Standards

As superficial as this may sound, high heels have the tendency of making your legs look long and lean. So when you are sporting high heels, you are bound to unintentionally catch a guy's attention. His eyes are sure to be fixated on you.

Adventurous Ladies

Yes, guys have a thing for girls that are adventurous. However, if a girl begins to become adventurous for herself, she will definitely begin to live life better. So girls, let your hair down, wear comfortable clothes and take the world.

With The Curve

A female who has the curves in all the right places will definitely make the male majority drool all over her. Although, it depends on every body shape, if you do not have curves, there is no need to feel insecure.

Use Your Eyes

Eye contact is the best way to hypnotize someone, but if a girl looks blandly, the guy will get bored sooner or later. Therefore, girls need to make sure they are looking at the guy in a way where he feels enticed.

Be Pumped

Guys like girls that have high energy levels. As much as the male population denies, they like it when girls let their inner child out as they get to see the real side of this girl and they can judge how playful the girls would be.

Smart Girls Please

Acting dumb to impress guys is the stupidest thing females do. If you want to properly mesmerize a guy and make sure he sticks with you, woo him with your intelligence and he will be yours forever. Acting dumb will make you look stupider.

Can You Make Him Laugh

Guys are attracted towards girls that have a good sense of humor. No guy wants to spend his time with a girl that cannot handle or make a good joke. With a good laugh, the boy will definitely fall deeper in love with you.

Respect Yourself

Self-respect is the most important thing when trying to impress a guy. If a girl cannot respect or love herself, it will give the guy reasons to take her for granted and mistreat her. Therefore, girls, you must love yourself before loving a guy.

Smile and Laugh

Guys are actual suckers for seeing a girl smiling or listening to her laugh. This is a good reason to be happy and smile plus you will be radiating positive vibes in the world, making this cruel world a little less cruel.

You Are Not a Book

Be a little mysterious. You are a female, no a book therefore, you cannot let any guy read you. do not open up to a guy after meeting him for the first time because this way you will be talking about yourself only and turning him off.

Flaunt That Hair

Girls have long hair for many reasons, but one of them is to seduce a man. A man loves it when a female touches her hair or twirls it with a finger. However, what tops everything is when girls put their hair on one side. Oh yes.

Clothes Can Drive Him Crazy

Guys absolutely love it when girls are wearing not-so-revealing clothes. However, if those clothes can be a little revealing, a guy will be on his knees begging for you. wear a silk shirt with lace lingerie, watch it slip off and see the guy's reaction.

Air Kiss Him

Yes, kissing is big step in a relationship -for some. Therefore, for the girls that want to take it slow but want the guy to be head over heels for her need to make sure they are throwing flying kisses at him along with a few winks.

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