15 Types Of Guys Who Just Aren't Worth Your Time

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | January 1, 2018

The road to finding a guy that is right for you (or otherwise a soulmate), can be long and hard for many girls. That is why it is important to learn how to differentiate between guys that have serious intentions for you, and guys that are just players, or are perhaps good-natured, but not yet ready for a serious thing. For example, if a guy texts you every day, and then disappears for weeks on end, and then reappears again, that would mean that he is not interested in a serious relationship.

He Texts You Every Day and Then Disappears

There are some guys that seem to text you every day, only to suddenly disappear without a trace. What's worse is that these guys have been known to sometimes come back and start contacting you again - their unseriousness means they have no place in your life.

Guys That Give Backhanded Compliments

There is another type of guy who thinks that giving backhanded compliments is the best way to win over a girl's heart. Those types of guys can say things like "your face looks really great through an Instagram filter," and there is no reason why you should spend an hour hearing to nonsense like that.

Guys That Don't Want to Use a Condom

Another variety of guys has an aversion toward using a condom. While some of these guys could, in fact, be unable to achieve an erection when using a condom, for the most part, they are just reckless with their sexual health and could be a potential risk for you.

He Doesn't Go Down on You but Expects Something in Return

While it is understandable that most guys love getting oral sex from girls, it is not cool when guys expect to get everything from you, while they are not willing to give anything in return (like for example going down on you).

He Doesn't Know What He Wants

There are some types of guys who may be good natured and a good fit for you, but perhaps it is not their time to be in a relationship. Those guys don't yet know what they want, meaning any time you spend with them is going to be lost.

He Can't Make Plans

While many girls do like a certain degree of spontaneity in the men they date, some guys do take this to a different level. You might not want to spend more time with your guy if he is unable to make any type of long-term plan.

He Says He Likes You and Then Posts a Photo with a Different Girl

There are many guys these days who may say all sorts of things to you while you are on a date (like for example "I like you"), only to post a photo with a different girl on Facebook and Instagram the day after. Those guys are not worth your time.

He Never Introduces You to His Friends and Family

vSome men may spend weeks if not months dating you, without introducing you to any of their closest friends or family member. This situation is even worse if you can introduce a guy like that to your own friends and family.

Guys That Won't Commit

It is normal for a guy to not know whether he wants to commit for the first few weeks of dating. Unfortunately, if you spend more than a month dating and he is still making his mind, in most cases that means he is a lost cause.

Guys That Only Text and Never Call

If you a guy spends all of his time communicating with you by texting and never tries to call, that could be a red flag. Most guys that never call probably do so because they are busy spending time with different girls.

Guys That Seem to Never Have Any Money

While it is understandable that some guys may not have enough money, some guys act like they don't have money so that they can "leech" out from you. For example, asking for money to pay for the cab or the food you've had is a red flag.

Guys That Are Manipulative

Many people may be manipulative from time to time, but the guys you don't want to spend time with are going to manipulative on a daily basis, and what is worse, is that sometimes they may even succeed in manipulating you with you noticing it.

Guys That Make Plans but Never Follow Through

Many guys may be good-natured and could even promise the "stars" to you, but that doesn't mean anything if they don't back their words with action. If is a guy is not following through any of his plan with you, that means he isn't serious.

Guys That Are Charming but Only Want to "Use" You

Some of the guys that are the most difficult to deal with may be very nice while you are having a conversation with them at the club, but their only interest in you could be to take you home. If you tell them to call you first, you'll notice that they never do.

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