Experts Predict Chocolate Will Be Extinct In 30 Years

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 1, 2018

Chocolate has for ages been one of the most favored treat by earthlings. Our infatuation for chocolate has been documented in many videos and movies that talk about how obsessed we are with the treat. However, latest revelations have revealed that our bond with chocolate might be really short lived as experts have said that the treat would disappear from the face of Earth within the next 30 years.

Cocoa Plants Struggling

Cocoa Plants that produce the cocoa that is used in making the perfect chocolate are struggling according to experts. The experts have mentioned that the cocoa plants can produce sufficient cocoa in sufficient climates but that isn't working.

Warmer Temperatures

The reason behind why cocoa plants are struggling to produce as much as they were doing before is because of the warmer temperatures that are being experienced unanimously across the world in general and in areas where cocoa is being grown as well.

Near the Equator

Cocoa is not something that can be cultivated anywhere in the world as it needs a feasible temperature setting. The plant can work in certain conditions found only 20 degrees South and North of the Equator. These areas are experiencing warmer temperatures.

Temperature Rise

Experts commenting on this prediction have mentioned that the expected rise in temperature of 2.1 degree Celsius will impact the yield of these cocoa plants. This expected rise in temperature across the Equator will span out during the next 30 years.

Water Squeezed Out

As the mercury rises we can predict that the water being squeezed out of the soil will also increase. However, it cannot be said that this will lead to more rainfall as well. The lack of rainfall can have an immediate impact on the crop for cocoa.


There is a conundrum now being faced by countries like Ghana who now might require extending the location of the cocoa plants that are under risk from the temperature changes uphill towards the mountainous areas that have been preserved for the future.


The choice that is present for countries like Ghana is that they have to choose between one of the most delicious treat that mankind has seen or preserving their ecosystem. This choice may look hard on paper, but authorities in Ghana wouldn't want Cocoa plants to impede their plans for preservation.


This shortfall for cocoa is not something that is new to us. During the last couple of years the supply for cocoa has not kept up with the demand that is being made by users. Consumers across the globe want more of chocolate, but are not getting any.

Unchanged Farming Methods

One expert hailing from the region has blamed the failure of the farmers towards changing farming methods for this debacle. He mentioned that many other farmers have changed methods but cocoa farmers still follow the age old methods.

Cocoa Deficit

What this all leads to is the fact that we might soon be facing a cocoa deficit of no less than 100,000 tonnes during the coming few years. This would mean that we would soon have to live without some of our favorite chocolate delights.

Our Favorite Chocolate Delights

Now would be a good time to talk about some of our most favorite cocoa delights considering that cocoa is literally near depletion. The treat has fascinated us for many years and we have been treated to quite a few delicacies over the period.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookie has for ages been a fan favorite for people that wanted to see some variety with the chocolate that they consumed. These cookies have the natural flavors of cocoa and will suffer as we experience a cocoa shortfall.


Made out of the most premium quality cocoa beans, Nutella is the God of all that is chocolate. Nutella, which emerged as a chocolate spread, is now literally used for multiple purposes. There are many consumers who directly gulp on the delight.

Chocolate Waffle

Waffles with melted chocolate on top of them are not only really aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the taste they generate in our taste buds can never be generated from anything else. We would really have to live without chocolate waffles now.

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