Dog Saves Pregnant Woman By Doing The Unthinkable

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | December 29, 2017

A mom-to-be announced that she would have 'died' if it weren't for the intervention from her loyal dog . Alihanna Butler, who is a healthcare assistant, was told by friends to get rid of her dog Keola when she got pregnant. But Keola, an American Akita, had extremely heightened senses and could actually 'smell' that there was something wrong with her pregnant owner. The hero pooch ended up saving her life!

A closely knit family

Alhanna and Ricky Butler hail from England. They're a tightly knit family unit who take good care of their pooch Keola. The trio were expecting a new arrival in the family, but suddenly Keola began to act strange around Alhanna.

Alhanna's pregnancy

During the later stages of her pregnancy, Alhanna noticed a pain in her lower back. She felt extremely painful backaches but the doctors dismissed her agony as a mere symptom and side effect of pregnancy, attributing it to her small frame.

What the doctors said

Doctor claimed that Alhanna was so small that her spine could not manage the extra added weight. This is a typical symptom of pregnancies in frail women and that there was nothing to worry about. But their diagnosis was so wrong!

But Keola knew something was wrong

But the dog knew there was something horribly wrong with her owner. Keola would constantly bark and follow her owner around the house. It would bark at her, tugging away at her clothes in attempts to draw her attention to a serious problem.

Keola followed her everywhere

Keola would follow Alhanna around the house intently stare at her. As if the mute pooch was trying to communicate with her, trying to warn her of an impending doom - but it just couldn't speak like humans cold!

Her friends told her to be more serious

Keola would follow Alhanna everywhere around the house. It was persistent enough to cause concern in the family. Later Alhanna joked about the film Hatchi where the dog also engages in similar erratic behavior. But her friends all told her about taking this more seriously.

Alhanna's mom gave useful advice

When Alhanna reported her dog's strange behavior over a few social media postings and sharing a photograph online, her mom ringed her up and advised Alhanna that Keola was trying to tell her that something was wrong.

Alhanna finally took her doc seriously

Alhanna finally took Keola's whining seriously and went to the hospital to get checked. Doctors soon rushed her into intensive care. They found that the back pain was a symptom of a double kidney infection which could have killed her!

Antibiotic resistant bug

To make things worse, Alhanna had an antibiotic resistant bug which only affected only one other person in the entire UK. It was slowly killing her and doctors said that had it continued any longer, it could have eventually killed her.

The infection was untreated for long

This incredibly rare and dangerous infection was untreated for so long that doctors reported it was one of the worst cases they had ever seen. Alhanna was on the verge of death had it not been for the dog, she would have died.

Back to full health

After the timely intervention of her dog, doctors managed to root out the problem and restored her to full health. She has since given birth to a baby boy called Lincoln who could also have died along with Alhanna.

Tribute to Keola

When the baby, Lincoln turned 13 weeks old, the family paid tribute to their hero dog in a video called, "thank you". The video went viral and has since accumulated over 4.5 million views on social media and YouTube alike.

Dogs are known for their heightened sense of smell

But this isn't the first case of a dog 'sensing' something wrong with their owners. In early 2011, an elderly woman was told by doctors that she had beat breast cancer and was completely healthy. But her dog knew better.

Carol Witcher's story

Carol Witcher's dog, Floyd Henry had an acute sense of smell and discovered that his pet owner still had traces of breast cancer. It would stare at her, paw at her, bark at her... just as Keola did with Alhanna.

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