15 Signs That You And Your Partner May Break Up

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | December 28, 2017

A lot of us try to hold on to things that might be more toxic or damaging to our psyche rather than just let it go especially when it comes to relationships. We've been there when we thought we couldn't live without said person and tried to hang onto something that wasn't bringing us happiness or helping with our personal growth and we were so blinded that we didn't realize that this behavior was self-destructive. Luckily, we've bounced back from those dark times and have compiled a few clear-cut signs that you and your partner should consider breaking it off. Take a look at them for yourself.

Their Quirky Habits Become Annoying

If the little weird things and quirky habits that you do was once adored by your significant other are now unbearable and spark arguments, you might be looking at the beginning of the end. The little things that made your relationship unique and fun shouldn't be annoying.

You Choose To Be Elsewhere

If you'd rather be hanging out with friends, work colleagues, actually working, or spending times with Netflix in your lonesome than spending time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, it might be time to hang it up. You should want to be around your partner unless they truly aren't making you happy.

Not Moving Forward

If things happen to be stagnant in a relationship and aren't moving forward in any way, shape, or form you might want to consider dumping your significant other ASAP. If they don't meet your parents, friends, or take your relationship to the next step in regards to intimacy, you're wasting your time.

Break Up To Make Up

Supposedly, breaking up with a significant other once throughout the course of your relationship is fine but, if you begin to see a pattern in your relationship that becomes breaking up and making up constantly, you should back off and realize why you're breaking up to begin with and live with those consequences.

The Physical Is Dead

If any and all physical components of your relationship no longer exist you might want to consider dropping the relationship altogether. Physical attraction and a healthy sex life are necessary when it comes to having a happy relationship if your partner refuses to touch you, ditch 'em.


Let's say that instead of having a dead sexual relationship, that's all you have are the physical aspects of a relationship but, with little communication and emotional support. If this isn't a casual relationship and you're relying on the physical aspects to keep you going, you might want to move forward without said person.

What Else

If you're always thinking about what else is out there and find yourself interested in experiencing other people, you might as well split from your significant other and find out because, obviously, your needs aren't being met and who would want to be with someone like that?


An argument within a relationship every once in awhile is totally normal and healthy but, when these arguments start to become constant and long-lasting is when you should probably reconsider the presence of your partner. Nobody wants to be with someone they fight with all the time.

It's An Act

If you're playing the role of an active boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse which includes all the usual things, going out together, being emotionally supportive, and even tending to each other's physical needs but, you no longer feel any type of excitement or spark. You might want to consider hanging it up.

The Negative Traits Continue To Grow

Everyone brings flaws and baggage into new relationships and if we'd like to be good partners to those we love, we tend to work on the negative aspects of our personalities and attributes for the sake of our relationship. If this isn't the case, and the negative traits continue to grow rather than decrease over time, it could be time to wrap it up.

Jealous & Suspicious

There usually is a little bit of underlying jealousy in any healthy relationship and it's totally normal in our book but, if jealousy and suspicion becomes on the rise without any cause for concern, you or your partner might have some personal issues they need to work out before investing into a serious relationship.

The Ex

We thought that this one wouldn't make the list but, apparently, a lot of folks need help in regards to this situation. If you or your significant other is hung up on your ex, you need to quit while you're ahead and let go of the past or see if you and your ex could have a future together. Don't drag anyone else along if you still have some sort of feelings for your ex.

Better Than Nothing

If you think being in a toxic and harmful relationship is better than nothing, you need to get your sh*t together and know your worth. This is one of the worst things you can do to both yourself and your significant other. Man/woman up and walk away from the relationship you know you don't want to be in.

Not A Priority

If you feel like you're on the back-burner in your own relationship and your significant other isn't putting in as much effort as you are and it's become obvious. It could be time to hang things up for the two of you. You should feel appreciated, cared for, and loved at all times in your relationship.

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