15 Types Of People You Should Avoid Dating

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | December 27, 2017

Unfortunately, we live in a world where there aren't too many truly genuine/stand-up people to pick from in regards to the dating realm. We apologize for kicking this one off so dark and trust us, we attempt to find the good in everyone but, we have to face the facts that not everyone is compatible when it comes finding the one. Fortunately, for you guys, we've compiled fifteen toxic traits, attributes, and characteristics you should avoid at all cost when it comes to dating. Without further ado, check them out for yourself.


Honestly, a lot of us need to realize that we're not that interesting and we're no different than the next man/woman and shut up for once. Might sound harsh but, it's the truth, people that overly-talkative reak of insecurity, can most likely be self-centered, or suffer from narcissism.

The Narcissist

Speaking of narcissism, avoid any and all narcissists if you're single and ready to mingle. These types of people are draining because they need to be the center of attention at all times. They're quick to blame their problems on everyone else and are constantly looking to upgrade their significant other. Just stay away.

Drama King/Queen

If your significant other can't go a single week without drama like you're on the set of Love & Hip-Hop, you might want to consider dropping this individual and moving on. Mentally, they could possibly be in need of constant conflict and dysfunction in order to thrive or feel comfortable. These people are total weirdos if you ask us.

Liar, Liar

If you happen to be involved with someone who thinks that being honest isn't a top priority then you should definitely move on because you'll never be able to take their word or trust them. And if we have to convince you of that... You're doomed.


We feel like we shouldn't have to tell you this but, if you catch even a whiff of desperation in the air from a potential mate, you might want to think twice about moving forward with them. First of all, desperation is unattractive to begin with and secondly, that desperate person could only be seeking a relationship to avoid being lonely. Don't do it.


America's in a crisis in regards to opioid-intake and if you happen to be in a relationship with or dating someone who's showing any type of addictive behavior in regards to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or pornography it can severely affect your relationship at any given moment. Help these people but, don't become too attached.

The Overly-Romantic

Ladies, we know you might have a problem with this one but, if you run into someone who's into romance 24/7, you might avoid starting a relationship with them unless you're in it for the fun because the overly-romantic tend to get bored very easily and move on quickly. Great for fun but, could result in heartbreak.

Always Right

If you happen to notice that the person you're dating or courting always has to be right... Run, run for your life because it will not get better. Differing opinions should be able to exist in a relationship without everything turning into a debate or argument because your significant other has to be right. Sounds so draining.


You should be able to share any and everything with your significant other but, that shouldn't result in your partner becoming focused on the gossip of her everyday life and the people around her. Who wants to be with someone who's rumor-mongering and can't trust to tell your own deepest, darkest secrets to? Not us.

Quick To Bash Their Ex

Ladies and gentlemen, stay away from people who aren't at peace with their ex-significant others. Firstly, they're stuck in the past, secondly, if they're continuously bashing their ex, they might not have learned anything from that past relationship in order to improve their current one.

Lacking Self-Confidence

Anyone that's lacking self-esteem or self-confidence is no person who should be concerned about involving themselves in a relationship with another person before they face their own demons. Not only will these people seek validation from all the wrong places, there's a good chance they'll check out of a relationship because of their own lack of confidence.

Treats Others Poorly

If you're out on a date and your potential mate is rude to the waiter, busboy, or other 'common folk' in the street. They probably lack empathy and respect for those around them and feel like people are beneath them. If you think this is ok, you're probably a d*ck yourself.

The Victim Mentality

If someone has an excuse or can blame others for the troubles of their life at the drop of a dime, they could be suffering from the victim mentality. These types of people never take responsibility for their actions and constantly have an excuse as to why they're sh*t isn't together. Avoid these crazies, please.

The Sufferer

These people are a lot like the people who suffer from victim mentalities but, instead of blaming others they crave attention from others for all the wrongs in their lives. These people are dangerous mates because, if they don't feel emotionally comforted by their significant other, they'll search elsewhere at the drop of a dime.

Trust Your Gut

Honestly, there's no better indicator of who you should have in your life is your own self. If you have bad gut instincts about someone or something, you might want to release that person from your life in order to avoid that I told you so moment. Trust yourself, it is you, in the end, that is the god of your situation.

In the end stay true to you.



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