15 Weird Things People Do Before Going On A Date

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | December 26, 2017

Going on a date can be nerve-wracking so sometimes people have to perform some little rituals to calm themselves down and get their minds ready for what is going to happen. There are many normal routines, like have a glass of wine or a beer, listen to some good tunes to get you excited, or practice your laugh in front of the mirror. But some people's nervousness reaches a whole new level, and the only way to get them to calm down is to perform some of these very odd habits before a date.

Wash Up From Head To Toe

While it is usually quite normal to take a shower before a date, when someone has to do a full body scrub and wash in order to feel like they will be prepared for the date, that reached some OCD type levels that are not really your normal routine and can get a little strange with all that exfoliating.

Pluck All The Stray Hairs

Being on top of your grooming is normal. Sitting in front of a zoomed in mirror to pluck every little stray hair on your face, only minutes before preparing for a date, is not something that is cultivating anxiety-less behavior. Don't stress so much that you go to town on your mustache and get all red and puffy.

Searching For The Perfect Underwear

It is some sort of mental trick that if you wear the perfect matching underwear, that your date will go super successful. Whether you are trying to sleep with someone or not, the perfect matching underwear is something that all woman feel like they need to feel confident on a date.

Trying On A Bunch Of Outfits

When you are super anxious about making a good impression on a date, you are going to try on a bazillion outfits in order to choose the one that best works for you. And that means having to throw on a bunch of stuff in a total flurry while worrying you will find nothing to wear and hating all your clothes.

Adding Too Many Accessories

A little bit of accessorizing is good, it can add just that pop of something special that can really tie an outfit together. But when a girl is frantic about her date, she will throw on accessories like armor and keep piling them on unnecessarily until the outfit completely loses it's appeal.

Smell Your Pits

This is just a nervous habit. Yes you showered before the date, and you know you put on deodorant and perfume, but still, before you leave it is necessary and also unnecessary to check and smell your pits. It's like the reassuring first step before you head out into the unknown of a date.


It is good to floss your teeth at least once a day. But flossing right before a day isn't going to make or break your night. If anything it is going to make your gums sensitive and make your mouth hurt. But if you feel like you will win over hearts with a freshly flossed smile, then go for it.

Light It Up

If you are the type of neurotic person who has to have every bright light on in order to feel like you can get ready appropriately, you might need to dial it back a bit. While lights are good to see, they won't change anything that you are worried about on you first date jitters.

Mascara Mouth

So many guys find this such a fascinating phenomenon to watch and most girls can't explain it, but in order to get the perfect coat of mascara, you have to hold you mouth open to get to your eyes the way you want to, it does make sense but it's girl science.

Layer The Lipstick

Layers and layers of lipstick and lipgloss are almost the opposite thing you should do before a date. Why would you want so much goop and color that you have to worry about when you might potentially be kissing someone! Keep its classic and those lips moisturized with some chaotic.

Take A Dance Break

If you are feeling yourself, you have to dance it out. But be careful because you don't want to get yourself all hot and bothered with too much of a boogie. Keep it calm and cool and maybe practice some of you moves you might be using on the dance floor later to impress someone.

Reposition The Ladies

Your boobs are like you second personality, when you are going on a date, so are they. So it's important to give them a little reassurance right before you go out as well. Yes it may be a little weird, but you have to give them the love they need before you all go out and try and get some.

Take A Lot Of Selfies

This is one of those things that you just have to do to help reaffirm yourself that you are looking super good, If you can take a hot selfie that you might be able to post later in the night and get lots of likes, then it doesn't really matter how the date goes, it was all worth it for the photo.

Give A Pep Talk

Women are notorious for standing in front of the mirror and going through hundreds of scenarios in their mind about what to say, what might happen, and all of those kinds of things. We can either amp ourselves up, or we can send ourselves into a tailspin spiral that is hard to break.

Check Out The Goods

You have to put yourself into the mind of the person you are going on a date with. So if you are going to do that, you need to check out your own goods as if you were walking in on dating yourself. A Little booty check in the mirror, check out how you walk, what it looks like when you laugh, its all part of the crazy process.



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