If Your Girlfriend Has These Qualities, Then It's Time To Marry Her

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | December 23, 2017

Love is something incredibly special that if you only experience in life if you get really lucky. How do you know when you have found the love of your life? You try to imagine your life without this person, and you no longer can. But some people still aren't sure that the person they are with is "the one". Guys, if you feel like you have won the lottery with this girl, and you don't understand how a girl like this is with a guy like you, hold on to her. Because she probably is too good for you and you are the luckiest guy in the world. If she has any of these qualities, marry her.

She Is Smarter Than You

If a girl has the brains to outwit you and keep you on your toes. Keep her around in that forever kind of way. Studies show that partners who challenge each other intellectually live longer, have a less likely chance of getting dementia and live happier lives.

She Is Honest

Honesty is one of the most key factors in a healthy, successful and most importantly long lasting relationship. When you find a woman who is honest and compassionate and values honesty in your relationship, she is going to be someone you want to hold onto.

She Has A Positive Perspective

Life is not always flowers and sunshine. That is something we have all grown to know. But if you meet a girl who still manages to keep a positive outlook on life, even when times are tough, she is going to be someone you will always be able to lean on in times of hardship.

She Compromises

A lot of people can be stubborn and feel fixed in their ways and want everything to go their way. This could be disastrous in a relationship since it is a partnership where compromises need to happen. If you find a girl who understands the importance of compromise, she is a keeper.

She Laughs With You

Everyone talks about how they want to meet someone who makes them laugh. But it equally as important to meet someone who laughs with you. If you can be your naturally goofy self around a girl and she finds you funny and charming, she really cares about you in a genuine way.

She Has A Good Heart

You need a woman who is going to enhance your life for the better by being interested in bringing goodness into the world. She will inspire you to live your life with compassion in your heart and do good to others. If she exhibits this particular quality, she is a keeper.

She Supports Your Dreams, While She Follows Her Own

It is one thing to be a support system to you in you achieving your own goals and dreams. But it is another to be supportive while also chasing dreams of her own. As a partner it is important to share the common goal of chasing your own dreams because it expresses individuality.

She Has A Good Relationship With Her Parents

Someone who loves and respects where they came from and how they were raised, will have love and respect for all the moments to come in the future with starting a new family. If she has a good relationship with her parents, she has good role models to show her the way.

She Is Kind-Hearted

You do not want to have a future with someone who finds arguing as a way to be bitter and throw insults. If you girl is looking for any moment to be upset about something, it's just going to get worse over the years. Relationships should be about sharing, devotion, generosity, and commitment.

She Is Calming

When life gets hard, or when inevitable fights occur. If you have a girl who is going to remain calm and collected during those moments, while encouraging you to do the same. You will see that she is going to be someone who is going to keep your life happy and peaceful for a long time.

She Does Crazy Things With You

You girl should be your "partner in crime" or the person you can turn to when you have a crazy adventurous idea. A Partner should never hold you back from having fun or living your best life, they should be alongside you the whole way, encouraging all of the memorable moments.

She Has A Life Of Her Own

While it is important to have a strong foundation as a couple, where you share interests and love spending time together. It is equally important to maintain individuality and have a strong sense of self. People in happy relationships support each other have their own lives.

She Accepts Your Flaws

To someone who loves you, you do not have flaws, you just have attributes that need a little more love. If a girl accepts and loves you, all of you, for exactly how you are. She is someone who is worth keeping around because you can be your true authentic self.

She Doesn't Hold Grudges

It can be really easy in life to hold onto negative energy and feel like the world owes your something for not being fair. But it is so much healthier and happier to let go of things you feel have done your wrong. If you have a girl who has learned to let go of a grudge, she is a very mature woman.

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