10 Mistakes That Will Slowly Ruin Your Relationship

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | December 23, 2017

If you think that just because you spent two hours getting ready, wearing your nicest little black dress and your most expensive heels, that your date is going to turn directly into romance; then you are wrong. Most women think that a man should fall to his knees just because she looks amazing. But women need to understand that while a man might like to chase, women have a tendency to forget their end of the bargain when it comes to dating. Here are some of the most common mistakes that women make that can make or break a relationship.

Being Idealistic

Most of us grew up with Disney princess stories and fairytale ideas of love. A man will come one day and sweep us off our feet because he knows it true love. But this isn't the reality. If you are too focused on achieving the ideal fairytale relationship, you won't be satisfied with what you actually have.

Succumbing To The Pressure Of Your Biological Clock

There is a very strong instinct that women have to deal with when they reach a certain age in terms of listening to their biological clock. But just because your nature tells you its time to have children doesn't mean you should chase down the next person willing to shack up.

A Foul Mouth

Someone who is constantly using swear words and finds themselves have to censor their conversations more often than not, will realize how that kind of behavior is off putting to most people. A lot of men won't want to spend the time cozying up to a girl who is always cursing.

An Obsessive Health Freak

There are not many things more annoying than someone who is on their high horse about being into health and fitness. Not only do people not want to hear about how many times you went to the gym last week, butt they also don't want your advice about what to eat and how to exercise.

Selfie Obsessed

Once in a while it's fine to tale out your phone and snap a nice photo of yourself. But constantly staring at yourself through the the lens of your phones camera is one of the most annoying things on earth. Try and think about something or someone else for one minute.

Ignoring Your Feminist Duties

Why put up with a man who is going to be constantly putting down your or other women when in the end you know that he is only going to continue being a jerk? Shut down the chauvinistic remarks before they become a trend or watch your relationship crash and burn.

Acting Pricey

Women love to be chased, but they need to be careful that their little cat and mouse game isn't doing more harm than good. Men will chase a girl who knows her worth, but if she acts like she is too high of a price that no one can afford then she might find herself alone at the end of the day.

The Waiting Game

When a guy is head over heels for a girl he isn't going to make her wait around for him. She will become his priority and he will make that known to her in how he includes her in his life. If you can't follow the signs that a guy is putting you on the back burner, then you might find yourself left in the dust.

Excessive Makeup

We all want to feel beautiful and makeup can help us achieve the looks we are going for. But sometimes makeup can really ruin a persons natural beauty and guys can be extremely turned off by the face full of contour and layers and layers of makeup. Embrace your natural beauty, because he likes you just the way you are.

Having The Last Word

One of the most detrimental things that can happen in a relationship is that a couple doesn't understand how to have a productive fight. If the two of you are constantly putting your egos ahead of your relationship then you will see that needing to have your last word might end your relationship altogether.

Dating Some Who Is Clueless

While it might seem like you are in a relationship with someone who is fun to hangout with and keeps life interesting, If they don't have a sturgeon sense of self or purpose then there is no way they can bring something more to the relationship in the end.

Manners Make A Man

Don't put up with some mediocre attempt at chivalry. Being a good man with manners is not something of past fairytales. It is strong and honorable characteristics that show real worth and value. If you honor these in yourself, you won't want to put up with a man who doesn't make them his common lifestyle.

Respect Of All People

A man who feels he is above a particle class of people is not a man that a woman should be investing all of her time and energy in. It shows a lot about a guy character they way he treats other people, especially when he is in a position of power. Paying attention to this can save a lot of heartache.

Downplaying Your Success

As a couple you both should be lifting each other up to your highest potential. If your guy downplays your success as something not as great as what he can achieve, then he doesn't value you as an equal. If your guy doesn't value you as an equal then he is going to not be afraid to hurt you for his own benefit.

Putting Him On A Pedestal

If you put your guy up on a pedestal like he can do no wrong and have no faults, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment when he shows just how human he is. Keep yourself and your heart grounded and set expectations accordingly where you communicate what you want and need and you won't run into problems.



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