15 Secret Things That Men Want In Women But Will Not Admit

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | December 23, 2017

Due to the way most guys have grown up, they have learned to bottle-up their emotions which means that they rarely speak their mind. That can make things difficult for a girl that wants to satisfy her guy and improve her relationship. That is why this article lists 15 different things that most men keep a secret from their girlfriends when in reality they would for their girlfriend to do a few of the things featured in this text.

Don't Be a Robot

Most guys don't like to see fakeness in the women they date. If you think you have flaws in certain areas of your personality or the way your body looks, most guys will appreciate if you are real, honest and direct regarding the way you present yourself.

Doing the First Move

Although most guys won't admit it, men do actually get turned on by women that are brave enough to make the first move. Whether it is asking for his phone number, social media account or making the first move while on a date, doing the first movie is always a plus.

Being Interested In Sports

You have probably noticed that most guys go crazy about watching the sport of their choice. What most guys won't mention though is that they would really appreciate if a woman was also into sports - that way you will have even more things in common.

Be Open about Yourself

A lot of guys fall head over heels for girls that are open, honest, and direct about the emotions that they feel. When you are with your partner, feel free to talk to him about anything - not only will your relationship improve, but he is going to appreciate the gesture as well.

Be Proud of Your Natural Beaty

While using makeup can definitely make you look better and younger, know that most guys also appreciate your natural look and beauty. In fact, it is even trendier these days for a girl to not wear makeup, so try this out some day.

Indulging In Video Games

For most guys, video games occupy a similar spot as sports, so the same things that were true for sports, also apply for video games. Whether you like PC or console gaming, single player or multiplayer, know that guys that play video games love girls that are also gamers.

Guys Don't Like Drama

While it is true that guys love girls that are open and direct regarding the emotions they feel, do note that there is a difference between being open and honest and being dramatic. If you nag your partner on a daily basis, he is not going to like that.

Phones Are the Destroyers of Relationships

Pretty much any guy in the world hates it when his partner spends more time on her phone than chatting or being with him. While it is normal to check for texts and the occasional notifications, try to bring your phone time to a minimum.

Being Adventurous

If you have noticed the types of movies and TV shows guys usually watch, you will notice that they really love watching adventures. While you don't have to be Bruce Willis and survive explosions all the time, going for an occasional road trip is certainly good for your relationship.

Don't Box Him In

Most guys, no matter how much they love you, do need some space and time for themselves. Try not to box them in with your relationship. If he says he doesn't want to go out that day, don't think that it is something personal or that he is distancing himself from you.

Be Mutually Respectful

While most guys won't admit it, they do want to be respected by their girlfriends. While you don't have to go out of your way to respect him, a good rule of thumb to follow is to respect your guy just as much as he respects you.

Ask for Help

Many guys harbor a secret need to want to help out be of assistance to the people they care about. While you still do not have kids, you could ask your guy for her with various household or car related problems so that he feels more needed.

Compliment Him

Most guys won't just not admit this one, but they will deny that the like hearing compliments. The truth is that all guys appreciate hearing a compliment from time to time. Whether it is about his outfit, hairstyle, complimenting him from time to time will surely boost his self-esteem.

Be More Than Lovers

All good relationships are not just about being intimate together and loving each other - they are also about being good friends and learning to listen and understand each other. Whether your boyfriend is happy or sad, you should be there for him.

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