15 Signs That He's Really Into You

Lifestyle | By Ray Porter | December 23, 2017

Woman tend to be the subtle ones, especially compared to men. Men have a strong reputation for being direct or maybe even a bit clumsy, they are the ones that miss all of the hints that woman leave them. It is, however still possible for women to miss the signs that men are putting out. Besides, a little confirmation never hurt anyone, some guys are just flirty so it's nice to know the difference between naturally flirty and he wants you badly!

You're So Funny!!

We all enjoy a good laugh and know how good it feels when someone gets your humour and finds all your jokes hilarious. It's easy to tell if he's finding the jokes that aren't even you 'A game' hilarious too.

He's Really Listening

If he's interested and engaged, then he's more than likely into you. We're all a little self-conscious about how interesting our lives are. So, if he's making you feel like the most interesting person ever, then you can be sure he's putting in effort and wants this to work out.

Sensual Touches

This can be tricky because some guys are just naturally very touchy and don't necessarily mean anything by there touches. In saying that, lower back touching is an exception. If he's touching your lower back, he is into you guaranteed.

A Classic

This one most woman realise straight away, and it's not subtle at all. Buying drinks for you. It may be the 21st century and gender roles and traditions are being challenged and changed, but if a man buys you a drink it means he's into you.

Are You Cold?

This is the greatest tradition a man can ever call upon. If a man gives you his coat that is a good sign, and a very smooth move. Especially if he does have to ask you or talk about it first, he just sees you cold and moves to protect you.

Late Night Texts

If he is texting you late at night that's a good sign because it tells you who he's thinking about late at night just before he goes to bed. They're really cute to receive too, the 'Hi, I know it's late and I hope I didn't wake you but I was just thinking of you...'

Movie Night

When he shows an interest in your movie tastes and tries to find movies you both like or might like that's a sign to pay attention. We all know what often happens during movies and at least a small part of his mind is focussed on that.


He may say it's because of the cold and because there's only one blanket at his place but really if you two are cuddling then he wants you, it's just how men work. A woman's body pressed up against him feels just about as good as his body feels against you.

Insta Like Spree

This is when he gets around to looking at all your Instagram photos and likes them all. Well, not all of them but at the very least all the ones with your face in them. It shows he is thinking of you when you are not around and also that he wants to support you in your endeavours.

Winks and Smiles

When he starts to communicate with you secretly you're on the right track, most guys do this with winks or little sly smiles. Usually, after you to stare at each other for a while. It goes a long way to letting you know he feels a connection to you.

Frequent Leg Touching

Sure this is also a trait of really touchy guys, but if he's touching your leg frequently odds are that he wants you, badly. If he's accenting the points in his story with leg touches it's probably not the story he's concentrating on but instead your legs, and he's into them.

The Facebook Add

If he's someone you just and you get the ping of his friend request it means he finds you irresistible. He can't even wait to get home to find out if you're taken and get another look at your gorgeous face, and of course do a little Facebook stalking... who doesn't?

Don't Worry, It's on the Way

It's never really on the way. If he wants to split a cab fare with you it's more likely a sign of interest especially if you know it's not on the way. If it's not a cab, then he wants to walk you home or to the bus stop. The point he wants to spend those extra few cute moments with you.

He Notices

If he notices little changes or remembers little details about what you told him, it means he pays extreme attention to you. And yes, you guessed it, that means he's really into you. If he notices something as little as what you did with your nails, that's major. It's like a 1 in a million of guys paying attention and wanting a girl.

Random Snaps

If you start receiving some random snap-chats from him then he wants to show off to you as well as showing that you're on his mind. We're not talking crude snaps but rather things like "What do you think of this shirt? I might buy it." Just don't be surprised if there's not so subtle flex in there for you too.



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