15 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don't

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | December 22, 2017

A lot of you ladies might not be aware of this but, men are a lot more observant than you'd think. We too look for specific characteristics and follies in our significant others in order to see if we can truly build a life with our partners. That's right, we're not solely focused on aesthetic and getting our rocks off, a lot of us search for balance in regards to the people we date or choose to be around. With that being said, check out these fifteen things that we as men pay attention to that you might not notice right now.

How Much You Eat

Ladies, you might not think anything of it but, men tend to measure how much you eat subconsciously. For instance, we'll notice from the very first date to three years in how your eating habits will change. You might think your salad on the first date is appropriate, which is debatable but, once you order that rack of ribs, fries on top of an appetizer we'll notice. And personally, we think it's hot, go for the gold.

How Much Makeup You Wear

We know, we know, you don't wear makeup for us, you wear it for yourself but, this is another aspect of women that men tend to notice almost immediately. We get it, makeup helps accentuate certain facial traits but, after awhile noticing how time-consuming it can be for you ladies to get ready because of makeup is when it becomes bothersome for us men.

The Color You Wear The Most

Your favorite color and the color you wear the most might be a pretty juvenile thing to notice but, we as men gotta keep that in mind in case we run into something you might like while we're out and about. Knowing which colors you're attracted to allow us to surprise you with gifts you might appreciate.

That Smile

Let's face it women are definitely the more attractive sex out of our species. You guys have so much and so many features to be admired but, a real man will forever notice your smile. Not only are they beautiful, we want to be the cause of those smiles, so their definitely a trait we can't help but notice.

The Little Things

You might think that we don't notice but, we'll notice what your favorite ice cream is or the small things you do to pass time that make you happy and attempt to capitalize on them. Even if it's something as small as picking up your favorite candy bar while at the store or renting your favorite movie for an intimate movie night. Those little things do matter in our eyes.

Favorite Music

Music s probably one of the biggest connectors when it comes to relationships. If you both have similar taste in music, there's a better chance that you could last longer with your significant other. So, men tend to be mindful of what/who your favorite bands and musicians might be.

Weird Habits

Whether it's the way you look in the mirror before going on an outing, your weird yet adorable sleeping positions, or how you dance in the midst of eating a good meal, those little weird and quirky habits are something that men tend to admire and notice.

What's Bothering You

Sometimes, the lines of communication can be blurred and we're not always clear about what's bothering the opposite sex so, we as men tend to try to find out the little and big things that bother you and eliminate them to the best of our abilities.

Your Favorite Drink

Whether it's your favorite kind of tea, smoothie/juice, wine, or mixed cocktail men want to know these things in order to please the women in their lives. Plus, it's kind of dope when your significant other knows what to order for you without having to ask. Who wouldn't want that in their life?

Closest People

Any real man will be conscious of the people that you love and adore and will do their best to appease and incorporate them into their own life. Whether it be family or friends, we will notice which people make you the happiest and who to keep around and allow to enter into our relationships.

Dress To Impress

Let's face it, when you step out looking your best or get dressed up just to accompany us to a small dinner we're definitely gonna notice and it's gonna get the juices flowing. Don't think that we never notice when you're looking good and let it be known, it is truly appreciated every time.

Pure Effort

Honestly, we really don't expect for our significant others to watch the game with us and the boys or even like some of our friends but, we will notice the effort you put in just to make us happy and it's yet another trait that we can't help but, be grateful for.

Your Fragrance

The honest truth is that women just smell better than men as a whole but one thing we definitely do notice is a woman's scent or favorite fragrance. There's nothing better in the world than coming home from a long day's work and hugging and smelling our significant other's neck and smelling those heavenly fragrances.

Spending Habits

Ladies, you might not want to admit but, you guys definitely are quicker to slide your card than a lot of men out here so, this is something that we tend to notice almost immediately. If our ladies are quick to spend dough our financial future together can become a focal point in our relationship.


Believe it or not, everything isn't about aesthetic or how you might look. You could be as fine as Beyonce but, if you have a stank attitude, we'll notice and no one wants to be around someone who's toxic or is constantly producing negative energy. Keep it positive.

Ladies, you might not think that we're aware or we notice but, trust us, we do.



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