15 Signs That Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | December 21, 2017

Relationships are tricky and can be hard to navigate. Often times people in relationships don't know if they are on the right path or not because every relationship is unique. But there are some sure signs that can help you determine if you and your partner are in a long lasting loving relationship, or doomed to fall apart at any moment. Here are some helpful hints and tips to apply to your relationship to help you determine if you are in a forever kind of love.

You Spend Time Together Doing Things You Both Enjoy

It's nice to do things that each other likes. But it is important to find common interests that you can do together and that will bond you both on a whole different couple level. Find something fun that you two can really love doing together and stick with it.

You Spend Time Apart, Doing Your Own Thing

While you two can have your mutual interests that bring you both together as a couple. It is also important to have your own passions that you can support each other on, but that ultimately is separate from your relationship, to help cultivate your individuality.

You Fight Productively

Fighting is an essential and normal part of any healthy relationship. You need to learn to fight with each other to resolve conflict and to process anger and emotions. The key is to fight productively and with respect for each other and one another feelings.

You Have Your Own Friends As Well As Friends You Share

Having a support group who love you as a couple is great because it creates a healthy couple identity, but also having friends that are specifically separate from your couple identity to help keep your and your own self happy and healthy and supported.

You Maintain A Strong Sense Of Self

You can not lose yourself in a relationship. It is not realistic to only be able to identity in a couple and not feel what it is like to be your own person on a daily basis. You must make sure to continue to grow and evolve as your own person and you will be happier in your couple.

Your Friends And Family Like You Together

This means a couple of positive things. It means that your significant other gets along with those important people in your life and also that they find them just as important as you. When the family and friends feel connected to your couple, you feel supported by all.

You Can Respectfully Disagree

You don't have to love everything your partner loves. You can agree to disagree on things. Maybe they love heavy metal music and you don't really prefer it. Agree to respectfully disagree and let your partner enjoy all their heavy metal music while you happily do your own thing.

You Better Your Partner And They Better You

The best kind of relationships are the ones that grow and change together. The couples who push each other to be the best people they can possibly be. This kind of give and take in a relationship builds stronger and longer lasting bonds.

You Share A Passion For Your Future Together

You both should be on the same level of excitement for your future together. This doesn't mean you have to have it all planned out. But you set small milestones and you are honest about where everything is going and look forward to reaching those milestones together.

You Are Attracted To Your Partner, In All Ways

Your partner may be physically beautiful, but you also need to be attracted to them on many other levels. You should love their hopes and dreams, their quirks and weird personality traits and accept them exactly for who they are. That should be what is truly sexy about them.

You Keep Each Other's Secrets

You need to be able to talk to each other about anything and feel absolutely certain that they will respect you and keep your secrets. The total security in confidence will allow you both to be able to open up on whole new levels and bond in a way that is long lasting.

You Make A Good Team

When the two of you can work with each other, side by side, in a challenging problem solving situation. It shows just how compatible your bond is and what areas you still need to work on. Communication and trust are key components in this aspect of a relationship.

You Enjoy Even The Most Boring Things Together

When you are with the love of your life. Even the most normal and boring things are fun and exciting. Going to the store to pick out groceries. Being stuck in the house doing laundry and cleaning turns into a fun and hilarious time. Being able to be happy in all situations is important.

You Are Sexually Compatible

You understand each others bodies and what they desire and need to feel good. You both are selfless and confident lovers together. You make it less about having sex and more about having an intimate connection together, Something that is special between the two of you.

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