15 Weirdest Wedding Cakes Ever Created

Weird | By Cole Damon | December 19, 2017

Serving a cake on a wedding is like an unspoken rule. It's weird when you there's no cake in a wedding. It's a simple tradition that dates back many years and symbolizes peace and prosperity. Newlyweds prefer their cakes in different shapes, sizes, colors, breeds and some of them go completely berserk when it comes to decorating their cakes. Here are 15 of the weirdest ones.

And we all fell down

This wedding cake tries to portray a story in which both husband and wife fall down from a tall height. We wonder what this image is trying to allude to, a shaky marriage marred by unbearable mortgage payments or mass death?

An action movie

They wanted their wedding to be filled with action and packed with danger. What better way to portray all of this than on a wedding cake? It must have taken tremendous skills to pull this off with finesse.

His life's over

That's the sad truth of life. This man's life is likely over. What he took for granted, the long hours playing video games and watching Netflix will now be replaced with flattering his wife. He'll have to do all her biddings.

She'll throw down the stairs

This cake is trying to clue you into the fate of the groom. The wife will cruelly bring this man's life to an end by pushing him off a tall height. It's not a matter of if, but it's a matter of when.

They're both psychopaths

Both husband and wife are obviously psychopaths, why else will they threaten the entire world with mass murder. The wife will murder people with her saw and the groom will murder people by trampling over them. A perfect couple.

Damsel in distress

This chivalrous man won over her heart when he saved her from a pitfall. There was no one around to help her except for this noble man. Her only means of reimbursing him was to become his wife.

They absolutely love burgers

This couple loves burgers. So much that they had their wedding cake created in the shape of dozens of burgers. What's weird is how neither one of them is obese, something which is a given in most burger aficionadas.

Till death do us part

This couple wants to send a message to all people. That death does not have what it takes to separate their eternal love. They will continue to love each other even after they've died and are buried six feet under.

They're special agents

Both husband and wife are special agents who are frequently sent on dangerous assignments to apprehend criminals and shut down illegal operations. Their latest assignment? Pretend that they're a newlywed couple and infiltrate inside the family of a mob boss.

They'll always love each other

This husband and wife will always love each other and will stick around through thick and thin. They want to let us all know that death won't be able to separate the love they have for each other.

Octopus cake

Some people take their love for octopuses to the next level. These eight legged tentacle monsters are delicacies in some parts of the world. The couple loves eating octopuses so much, they wanted a cake which looked like one.

He'll eat her later

This man is truly infatuated by his wife. So much that everything in his life will take her image. And that includes the wedding cake. But won't it look tragic when people start cutting into the cake?

Cake in a big mac

That's what these couples have in plan for their marriage. They'll place a big box of what looks like a burger, deceiving on lookers who'll be expecting a traditional cake. Then they'll begin to slice into the burger, revealing their 'magic trick'.


This couple may have a fetish for the dead. Why else would they create a cake in the shape of a bizarre, creepy looking skull? They even brutally sliced its head in two pieces, giving the illusion that it's real. Yuck!

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