Sia Finally Reveals The Shocking Reason Why She Hides Her Face

Entertainment | By Gigi Cummings | December 19, 2017

You know her at the hit artist behind some of the biggest pop songs of this generation. She also propelled young dancer Maddie Ziegler into stardom by making her the face of Sia's music videos with her quirky dance moves and memorable choreography. But have you ever noticed that when in public Sia is always wearing a big wig, or some sort of fashion statement where she is covering her face? It may feel like it is some publicity stunt, but here is the real reason behind her choice.

Wigs Have Also Been Her Style

At every award show or during any interview, you will always find Sia wearing a rather large and abnormal looking wig. Ofter time covering her face partially or completely. It has become widely known and accepted thing of hers.

They Are An Everyday Accessory

Now that wigs have become a normal everyday fashion item for the talented singer and songwriter. She seems like she is so at ease with hiding behind these massive costumes that fans have begin to wonder what it's all about.

A Past Of Addiction

Sia has had a tumultuous past where she battled drug and alcohol addiction early on in her career. She has been writing and producing hit songs for years without many of us even knowing because she has been behind the scenes.

Reaching Rock Bottom

At one point in her career she even attempted suicide. Which was an extremely low time in her life where she began to reconsider everything. Fame and the industry had become an unhealthy part of her life, yet she still had a passion for her craft.

A Shocking Fan Encounter

Sia recounts one incident at the early point of her career where was out to coffee with a friend who was right in the middle of telling her that she had cancer and a fan interrupted them to ask Sia for a photo, it was a horribly traumatic experience.

She Loves Her Art

But being that she still loves her job, and loves her art she had to find a different way to continue to be the pop star and singer that she loves to be while also maintaining some privacy of her own away from the fame that comes with it.

No Interest In Fame

When the singer did an interview on The Ellen Degeneres show, she confided in Ellen saying that she is probably one of the only famous people who has absolutely no interest in being famous, she wants to be able to go to the grocery store and have no one notice her.

Keeping Things Private

Sia has since that life changing moment in her career and personal life decided to make some alterations to her famous persona in order to keep her life private while also maintaining a booming musical career. She now has many chart topping songs and is an international sensation.

A Look And A Brand

She created a "look" that would draw attention and make her stand out as an artist while also keeping her identity basically a complete secret. He choice in bold wigs and head pieces are to make a memorable statement.

Refusing To Show Identity

She refused to appear in her any over her cover art for her songs and came up with more interesting ways to create unique and intriguing music videos. This is why Maddie Ziegler has played such an important role in Sia's identity.

Covered Up Cover Girl

In October of 2013 Sia also appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine with a paper bag over her head. On that paper bag read "This artist is responsible for over 12 million track sales, has a new single on the Hunger Games soundtrack and doesn't want to be famous..."

Sia Makes An Impact In The Media

Sia's choice to become this hidden identity figure whose only recognizable characteristics depend on the type of wig she is wearing, has lead to many parodies and sketches involving this Sia "persona" that has truly launched her career.

Incredibly Shy At Heart

The singer is admittedly incredibly shy, and confessed that before when she would do anything in public, her anxiety would force her to drink or take drugs in oder to calm down and be able to live in the very public life of a superstar

Rising Up From The Pain

Since hitting rock bottom with a suicide attempt in 2010, she changed her life around with a 12 step program, hid her identity to keep her privacy and released her newest studio album in 2014 to rave reviews and immediate success.

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