15 Photos That Prove Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Humor | By Cole Damon | December 18, 2017

A fact that has been proven by the developing world is that women live way longer than men. This is not only because they tend to follow a good hygiene and take care of their bodies, but also because women take way more care of safety than men. Don't believe us? Go through the following photos to find proof why.

Common Sense is not really common

One thing we can say about common sense is that it isn't as common as what we would expect it to be. This guy hasn't really thought over the plan for this endeavor and is literally stepping into the pit of death.

To be Crushed

There are times when you can just tell what is going to happen in the future. This photo of two guys getting ready to catch falling furniture is a perfect example. You can literally tell that they are about to be crushed soon.


One socket gone wrong and all three of these crackheads in the pool would soon be cremated. There is a reason why you don't play with electricity in water, and these guys seem to have forgotten it here.

Clever or Stupid

You can either call this man really clever for getting a way to paint his exterior, or extremely stupid for putting his life at risk for such a small task. If things don't end well, everyone would surely call him stupid for not taking precaution.

Not too Clever

There is certainly no debate as to whether this is clever or not, because this move is seriously stupid. As soon as the machine cuts away the piece of stone that it is vying with, the person at the back would drop tumbling over.


Who even wears their pant this way? What this guy needs to know is that this could either turn into a brilliant Youtube video or a fail that could successfully make it to fail tube. But, you have got to give it to guy for being brave.

Shade from the Sun

Although men don't live as long as women, they certainly are the more creative ones. Who could have used a bulldozer as a means to get some shade from the scorching sun? These workers thought of the plan and set out to achieve it without thinking about what would happen if the bulldozer falls over.


Ignore all the lessons you read in your science classes about how to treat electricity and how it could prove fatal if you don't respect it. This guy certainly skipped that class before he decided it was okay to go up an electricity pole with no gear on.


There is something about men and risking their life for doing casual home repair that is just amusing. This guy wanted to cement the outside of his gallery and ended up striking a risky pose that could have resulted in a negative way.

Window Cleaners

Although window cleaners don't have the best working conditions to work with, this guy made things even worse by getting behind the window and cleaning it in the most risky way possible. Way to go window cleaner.

Flammable Gas

Although, I have never worked as a fire fighter, I do know that these guys won't have to smoke once in an area with flammable gas. The properties for gas and the smoke from cigarette can mix to form a fatal combination.

Domestic Work

Domestic work can often be a handful to handle for most people as there is so much for them to implement. Before you get home working, set this picture as an example and ensure that you don't follow what these fella's are doing.


It took me a minute or two to gauge over what we are seeing this photo. Eventually one can see that one of the workers is helping the other go down the drain and ensuring that he doesn't fall over due to the force of gravity over the body.

Playing with Fire

If you are a worker, who has to work with fire throughout their day then you would want to know that working with fire can actually end up pointing towards danger. Here are the earlier risks that are present, including cremated jeans.

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