15 Incredible Life-Saving Facts That Everyone Needs To Know

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | December 18, 2017

Life is full of tumultuous situations where human beings have to fight against the wrath of nature and opposing forces to stay strong and powerful. Although, you may not be in your senses when a particularly difficult position strikes, but what matters is that you have to keep uptight and keep giving your best. Remember the key to being successful in such situations is to not panic.

Swim Parallel in Riptides

Being stuck in a riptide is a tricky situation to be in. You have to remain positive and swim parallel to the beach. Most people swim against the tide and eventually tire themselves. Swim parallel and then towards the beach when you have traversed the rip.

Crying for Help

You might be faced with a tricky matter of life or death on the pavement to your workplace and no one could be paying attention to you. In such situations it is best to point people out and then ask for help.

The Rule of 3s

You never know when you might be faced with a situation where you have to battle for your survival. In such a situation, you need to remember that you can't live 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.


The fact that you don't have a sim in your phone does not really hold you back from dialing 911, since most carriers can dial the number without any service. The international equivalent for 911 is 112 in most places.


It is okay to be caught red eyed during a flash, but the problem comes when someone, especially a child, has the red light in only one eye. This could be an early symptom of a serious condition as retinoblastoma.

Fire in a Building

We hope that you don't face an unforeseen circumstance to experiment this strategy, but if you are caught in a building on fire, then it is good to stoop low and breathe near the floor as the breathable air is present there.

Positive Peeing

A man that tests positive after peeing on a pregnancy test is often suffering from a fatal condition like testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is the cause of death in many people and can lead to fatalities in many occasions.

Weather Expert

The bubbles on your copy can tell you about the weather coming up. If you have bubbles near the center in your coffee then you can expect stormy weather or rain. Bubbles on your coffee are affected by atmospheric pressure.

Obsession for Men

Scientist have confessed using Calvin Klein's 'obsession for men' as a source to lure cheetahs and other cats over to count their population. Since people haven't used the accessory a lot, we could thank it for this promising use.

Blind Spot

The blind spot is a real problem for guys that drive across huge routes. There is this spot between the rear view and front view mirrors of a car that helps drivers see, but there is a blind side for drivers in between.

Leave It Inside

If someone is stabbed by a knife or other sharp object, it is better to keep the sharp object or the knife inside instead of pulling it out and damaging the body even more. The flow of blood may have ceased now, but it would get even stronger after you take out the dagger/


Canes can be eaten around the year without you having to worry about anything. Since they have edible roots they can be eaten any time of the year. The water logged and swampy areas have canes that can be eaten anytime.

Text and Walk

You can only do things out of texting and walking at one time. You can either walk or text. So, if you are doing both of them together you, it is not going to be short of risks. You might even fall over if not anything else.

Eight Minute before Landing

An interesting study over aeroplanes crashing has revealed that most of the crashes happen just 8 minute before the expected landing of the plane. Mark your watches and be on your toes whenever it is 8 minutes before landing.

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