15 Dating Mistakes That Will Scare Her Away

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | December 18, 2017

Men have been fascinated with how to improve their dating and seduction attempts since the beginning of history. In previous years this information was told from father to son, but now with the Internet, there are entire places on the Internet where guys can help each other out and improve their dating lives. This article has been written in a similar vein - reading out the rules outlines here is a sure fire way to get better at dating, and increase your odds of getting a second date.

Don't Get Her Pregnant

Naturally, most dates that you will go to won't end up in a sexual manner. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't follow some sort of proper etiquette for when things do get sexual - for once if a girl says she wants you to use protection, you better have a condom ready.

Being Too Possessive and Controlling

There is no girl in the world that finds a possessive or controlling guy attractive. When you display possessive and jealous behavior, all the girl is going to think is that you either don't go out of the house much, or she will find you unattractive.

Don't Be Needy

Being needy is kind of similar to being possessive and controlling. The difference is that needy guys are usually nice guys - instead of being aggressive regarding their jealousy, they try to guilt-trip girls into staying with them. That is very unattractive.

Sending Too Many Text Messages

Pretty much, everyone, these days have unlimited text message plans with their phone carrier and a sizeable or unlimited data plan. That means you can text your girlfriend as much as you want to - but just because you can, doesn't mean that you should do it.

The Timing of "I Love You"

The first time you and your partner say the magic works is a very special occasion. You should think this through, as saying "I Love You" too soon or too late could have a bad effect on your relationship. You should also know how to react if your girl says "I love you" first.

Being Obsessed with Sex

While having a healthy interest in sex is a good thing for the health of your relationship, you should not push this into extremes. If you sense that your girl might not be interested in being intimate that day, you should probably let he chill.

Don't Be Cheap

The above picture pretty much sums up how it is like being a "cheap guy." Just like needy guys hare a turn-off to most women, so are cheap guys. That is especially true for the beginning of the relationship when you still haven't set proper boundaries.

Don't Wait for Her to Make the First Move

While times are changing, and many girls are now okay with being the first to make move, you should be ready to make the first move as well. That is because some girls are more old-fashioned and perhaps they are going to want to see how you will handle doing the first move.

Pay for the First Few Dates

While who should pay for the first few dates and whether the tab should is split is a controversial topic, a lot of dating experts say that there is no harm in paying for the first few dates yourself. After the third date, you can split the tab or come to some other arrangement with your girl.

Not Having a Plan

If you are going to go on a date with someone, you should have some sort of plan in your mind. This doesn't have to be a written-down in a notebook type of plan, but just some guidelines. Know which places you want to visit with your partner.

Mistaking a Work Relationship for Attraction

This is a mistake usually done by guys that are new to the workplace, or perhaps they think that the waitress at the bar is nice to them because she likes them. Most women you meet in a professional manner are going to be nice, but that is only because they are professional.

Don't Go All In

If a girl likes you and perhaps kisses you or talks about having a second date, that is excellent news. Although you should be happy with this information, don't go all in and tell the girl how glad you are to have her. Take things slowly, don't be too eager to jump into everything.

Talking About Yourself and Not Being Present

Some guys seem to be obsessed with talking about themselves and their achievement in life. Even worse are the guys that complain about their ex-girlfriends. Show the girl that you are different and be present while she is talking. Learn to ask questions and hear out the answer.

Overanalyzing Things

Feedback is one of the most important factors in self-improvement. That is why analyzing past situations is actually a good habit to form. Just try not to overanalyze things, and especially don't talk to women you don't know well about things you've analyzed regarding your relationship.

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