Woman Makes Startling Discovery After Rubbing Her Money With Alcohol

Weird | By Ian Anglin | December 18, 2017

There is a viral video that has been making the rounds on social media these days. The video starts off with showing a woman with a $50 bill. Then the woman starts to rub the bill with alcohol, waiting for something to happen. At first, the bill stays as it is but after a few minutes the number and working on the bill change from $50 to $10. It seems that the woman was scammed somewhere, and she lost $40 of value. This article is going to analyze her story in detail.

She Wiped Her Money with Alcohol to See What Would Happen

The woman that was featured in the video had an ingenious idea - she wanted to rub her money with alcohol so that she could see what would happen next. No one really expected her to come up with such a startling discovery, but she did it.

The Numbers on the Dollar Bill Changed

The discovery the woman made was that if she rubbed the money long enough, that actually changed the number on the bill. That proves that the money she was given was actually counterfeit - meaning she was scammed by someone.

The Wording was Altered As Well

The make the counterfeit bills more realistic, even the wording on the bills was changed so that it looks correct at first sight. Obvious the fake money wasn't 100% realistically made, which is what prompted the woman to do the alcohol rubbing test.

People Can Be Easily Deceived

A lot of shop owners and regular customers can easily be deceived to accept his money as legal currency. The reason is that a lot of these counterfeit money makers really know how to do their job well. Their fakes are becoming better every year.

She Lost 40 Dollars Worth of Value

The woman in this video though she was given back $50, when in reality that was a $10 bill. That makes her total loss for the day $40 - nothing terrible, but just enough for her to learn a valuable lesson so that she doesn't get scammed in the future.

The Most Counterfeited Bill in Circulation

Of all the US Dollar bills currently in circulation, the $100 bill is by far the most counterfeited one. All shoppers should be extra vigilant when it comes to using this bill, as there is always a small chance that the bill you will be given is going to be counterfeit.

Coin Ridges Are Designed to Stop Counterfeiters

You have probably noticed the tiny ridges on the edge of most coins in the world. Those ridges are not placed there because of a stylistic choice - the ridges have been specifically designed to stop coin counterfeiters from altering the denomination of the coin.

Counterfeit Money as a War Strategy

When two or more countries declare war on each other, pretty much no hostile action is out of limits. Few people know that war is not just, what happens on the battlefield - there have been instances in the past where countries supply counterfeit money to an enemy's economy in order to cause harm.

Banks Are Not Immune to Counterfeit Money

Even the banks, with all of their sophisticated technology and scanning machines, are not immune to the harm of counterfeit money. Last year, an old lady named Arlyne Lorenz withdrew $300 from her bank in New York and was surprised to find out the money was fake.

Anyone Can Produce Quality Fakes

While technology and the Internet have changed everyone's lives for the better, this newfound power also has some dark sides as well. One of those dark sides is the fact that pretty much anyone today can product quality fakes with little or no experience.

Making Fake Money Was Punished with the Death Penalty

While most countries today have abolished the death penalty (apart from the US, China, and a few other states), in the 18th centuries in a lot of places in the world, making fake money was a crime that was punishable with death.

The Secret Service Was Founded to Combat Counterfeit Money

While the Secret Service today is known for protecting the President of the United States, few people know of its origin. Back in 1902, when the Secret Service was formed, its primary missions was to combat the people that produce counterfeit money.

Fake Money and the Dark Web

If you wonder where most criminals get started with counterfeit money these days, look no further from the Internet. More specifically, this is not the normal Internet you use - counterfeit money is usually found in the vast chaos of the dark web.

Most Fake Coins Imitate Rare Antique Coins

It is interesting to mention that just a small part of the criminals today bother to produce modern currency. Most counterfeiters try to create an imitation of rare antique coins. The reason is that some of those coins can easily fetch five figures at an auction.

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