15 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Your Girlfriend

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | December 16, 2017

No matter how healthy your relationship is, things can easily turn sour if you make one of the 15 mistakes that are featured in this story. Naturally, there are thousands of other ways you could ruin your relationship, but these are some of the easiest to make. What is even worse, is that a lot of guys seemingly don't even know that certain behaviors they exhibit are going to be seen negatively by their partners - for example, no girl ever fell in love with a guy that was needy for attention.

Buying Too Many Gifts

A gift should be a sentimental thing, which is given with love. However, if you buy presents for your girlfriend too often, they would lose their sentimental value. Try to give presents on special occasions such as your anniversary, her birthday or on an unexpected date.

Non-Stop Bragging

To be in a real relationship, both of you have to be in love. If you brag too much, she is going to find that creepy and off-putting. If she has decided to be in a relationship with you that means that she loves you and you don't need to brag to her in order to win her love.

Having Low Self-Esteem

You should be a hero in your girlfriend's eyes and she will expect you to be confident in your abilities and opinions. Try not to be scared or anxious and remember to show your best. If you project confidence, she is going to respect you even more.

Ask Instead of Assuming

Whatever you want to know about your girlfriend, the best option is to ask her. She will give you the right answer and you won't have any doubts anymore. If you find it difficult to trust her, maybe you shouldn't be together. Every relationship needs trust.

Don't Wait for Approval

Surprising someone will not be called "surpassing" if you ask for approval. If you want to buy her something or take her out to some place that she likes, you should ask her months before the occasion. That way, you will know where to take her, but she is going to forget telling you about the place.

Being a Pushover

If you are spineless, your girlfriend will not feel like she is protected or supported by you. If you can't stand up for yourself, how are you going to stand up for her? You need to be a hero to her (not in a comic book style though). You are the man of her dreams.

It's Not All About Sex

Talking about sex most of the time you spend together could bring about some terrible issues. She might think that you are with her just because of sex. Try to talk about the future of your relationship or make plans about going somewhere together.

Blaming Her for Your Own Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes and the best way to be forgiven is to be direct about what you did. If you blame your girlfriend or someone else for those mistakes you make, how do you expect to be forgiven? You should tell her that you are sorry and ask for forgiveness.

You Should Confront Problems Head-on

You should never ignore your relationship problems. If you do not confront these problems, they will still come up in the future. Talk to your girlfriend and together you will find a proper solution for your problems. Also, try to solve problems as you soon you can.

Using Harsh Words and Language

When you are in a relationship with someone, there should be some "fights" from time to time. However, in those fights, you should try not to use too harsh or offending words that could hurt your partner. Once you say something, you can't bring it back.

Don't Be Someone Who You Are Not

You should always be yourself. If you pretend to be someone else, eventually your partner is going to realize that you were just fooling her that might cause a big problem or even a breakup. If she likes you just the way you are, you have nothing to worry about.

Being Selfish and Egoistic

If you are in a relationship with someone, it means that you are prepared to sacrifice many things just to make your partner happy and your partner will also sacrifice many things to make you happy. You should never be selfish because that is the path to loneliness.

Being Judgmental

We have all made some mistakes in our past and we are sorry about that. When you are in a relationship that had some serious issues in her past, you shouldn't judge her. If you are not prepared to get over her past, you shouldn't be together.

Not Appreciating Her

Imagine that your girlfriend made some beautiful project and needs your opinion about it. As a partner, you should tell her directly what you think her project, but also tell her that you really appreciate her and her piece of work. It will make her feel more confident.

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