See How Your Marriage Will Turn Out By Reading 'Palmistry"

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | December 15, 2017

As is the case with many people today, palmistry remains their preferred means to decipher the future. People around the world desperately rally around palmistry to find ways to link the future with a few random lines and scribbles on their palms. While there is no scientific evidence of palmistry and its influence on the future, much less marriage, the following is what people believe is the case.

Join the palms to see more

Obviously joining the palms will display even more ridges and indentations for 'experts' to interpret the meaning of. Each person has millions of different variations over the linings of their palm. Each variation spells a different outcome.

Difference in heights

Subtle difference such as variances in height of the lines apparently indicate intelligence and success in the marriage partner. We do find it mind bogglingly hard to understand the concrete evidence behind the truth of this statement.

The same height

When the height is the same, palmists take it to mean that the person is intelligent and organized. They follow a strict regiment and make sure to always finish their tasks on time. This indicates that their marriage partner is also strict.

The right hand is higher

And if the right hand is higher, it seems to indicate preference in older people. The desire to be around mature people who are older than oneself is a direct indication of sexual preferences. At least that's what the palmists say.

The left hand is higher

And if the left hand is higher, it seems to indicate the level of aggression and assertiveness in a person. Palmists it seems like to dabble around generic descriptions of overlapping behaviors in humans, so their arguments are red herrings at best.

Generic descriptions

Its easy to notice how fortune telling likes to linger in the domain of generics rather than specifics. They tend to describe features in a person which overlap with so many others, so you cannot really verify these claims.

Why people like fortune telling so much

There's a reason why people prefer to use fortune telling to learn about their future. Fortune tellers in general tend to give positive advice with which to counter their fears. Astrologers and palmists generally avoid bad advice.

Celebrities and astrology

Many celebrities have also expressed their interest in astrology to help them with decision making. For instance, Angelina Jolie likes to use Buddhist astrology to help pick her important moments in her life. She uses it to plan vacations and even medical procedures.

Charlotte Church also likes astrology

Charlotte once paid a visit to a psychic. The psychic told Charlotte she was 'an angel and would spend a long time in Sidney next year." This 'long time' could mean anything from 1 day to a month and is as typical as generic advice goes.

Conflict with science

There is a remarkable conflict between science and psychic activities. People desire to resolve all conflicts in their lives by relying on advice from sages and astrologers. Its natural, we all want a solution to the numerous problems in our lives.

The future is uncertain

But imagine if there was a way to foresee the future with smackdab accuracy. It would allow us to save millions of lives of tragic incidents such as earthquakes, storms and even terrorist attacks. But no such device exists as of yet.

A time machine

A time machine can also allow us to see the future. In the sense that it can send a person to the future. Once the person has seen the future, they should be able to time travel back to the past.

Time travel back to the past is not scientifically possible

But while time travelling to the future is a scientific possibility, travelling back to the past isn't. So even if a machine were designed to travel time, it would only send you to the future, which means you can't relay the information to the past.

No way of knowing the future

While there is no sure way of telling what may happen in the future, it is certainly possible to 'predict' the future. For instance, it is relatively easy to predict the trajectory of a storm which might be making its way to our beaches.

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