15 Things Happy Couples Do Before They Go To Sleep

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | December 8, 2017

Sleep is the most important and crucial factor to living a healthy existence on this planet. While catching some Z's your body becomes naturally rejuvenated, restores your energy source, and attempts to heal the body of all types ailments. Without sleep, we'd definitely cease to exist and we've all developed a before sleep routine in order to prepare us for the next day, whether it be jotting down our thoughts or double-checking our schedule but, today we're here to talk about what happy and healthy couples have made routine before getting some shut-eye. Check out these fifteen healthy and happy pre-sleep habits/routines of couples right now.

Silent Mode

Here's a crucial factor to a happy home in the literal sense of the word, happy. Turning your phone on silent mode prior to sleep is important because social media dependency suppresses the release of oxytocin throughout the body, the hormone responsible for emotional intimacy and bonding.

Silent Mode Pt. II

Not to mention that a lot of phone use before going to bed can cause sleep deprivation and sleeping disorders. The amount of light you're being exposed to during certain hours of the day is unhealthy as the brain is naturally triggered to prepare for rest. Unfortunately, cell phone use will have you and your partner in terrible moods if this becomes a habit.

Forget About Work

Like the old saying goes, leave all of the baggage of work at the door when at home and leave all the baggage of home at the door when at work. There's plenty of time to be productive during office hours and healthy couples tend to establish a healthy emotional connectivity prior to sleeping by talking about subjects that don't include financial woes, the workplace, or co-workers.

Matching Sleeping Times

A lot of couples don't have the same bedtime due to varying work schedules and responsibilities but, psychologist, Curt Smith, suggest that couples develop a matching sleeping pattern and time in order to instill long-lasting intimacy and trust into their relationships.

Follow A Routine

Following a routine with your significant other before going to bed not only brings a couple together and developing good habits, it also provides you with a sense of connectivity with your partner that no one else has right before your brain is preparing you for a good night's rest which puts you at ease in regards to the status of your relationship.

Heart To Heart

A night shouldn't pass without you discussing your day, your feelings, accomplishments, goals, and schedule with your significant other. If you want to remain on the same page, it would be a good idea to clearly communicate any and all feelings with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend before officially turning it in.

Heart To Heart Pt. II

Honestly, no one should be forcing or telling you to communicate with your significant other but, surprisingly, effective communication tactics aren't present in all relationships. Sharing a few minutes of positive affirmation and telling your partner how much you love them before they decide to shut their eyes will strengthen your bond like no other.

Chill Off The Arguments

Avoid involving yourself and your partner in heated debates and arguments before deciding to go to bed. Not only does this create conflict within the relationship, no problems ever get solved, and the argument will cause sleep deprivation leaving both of you depressed and tired the next day.

Chill Off The Arguments Pt. II

It's been said time and time before, never go to bed angry at a spouse, significant other, friend, or anyone you personally know and care about because you never know who will be blessed to enter another day on this planet or not. Life's too short to enter a new day with a heart full of hate.

Child-Free Space

This one might be hard for some of you out there but, it's important to keep your bedrooms and sleeping spaces free of children as much as possible. The only time a child should be allowed to sleep with their parents is after a nightmare occurred.

Child-Free Space Pt.II

It's important that children don't develop the habit of jumping in the bed with mommy and daddy in order to avoid creating a sense of dependency when bedtime comes around. Also, it's unfortunate but, intimacy between the couple themselves go right out the window when this becomes a formulated habit.

Avoid Sleeping With Pets

Yeah, sorry ladies and gents but, if you've developed a habit of sleeping with your dog or cat you might want to reconsider that because research shows that 63% of people that sleep with their furry friends don't get enough sleep. Not only will they be moving around forcing you to wake up, how are you supposed to do the deed with your dog in bed?

Avoid Drinking & Smoking

Don't get it twisted, we ourselves enjoy a glass of wine with the Mrs. before calling it a night from time to time but, you should avoid drinking and smoking on a regular before getting some shut-eye. The nicotine in cigarettes can possibly promote insomnia and drinking shortens the length of restorative sleep you get on a nightly basis.


Let's face it, one of the best factors of being in a committed relationship is the fact that you can get free massages virtually whenever you want. On a serious note though, you and your partner should provide each other with massages before bed on a semi-regular basis. Massages improve the quality of sleep, reduces anxiety, and provides your relationship with a healthy dose of intimacy.

Huggin' & Kissin'

Last but not least, never forget to kiss your significant other before officially going to bed as well as providing them some type of touch. Whether it be a long, comforting hug or a few minutes of cuddling this physical touch can go a long way for a couple.

Do what feels right and make your partner feel like a million bucks before bed so, you conquer the world together the next day.



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