How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | December 6, 2017

Who doesn't want a gorgeous smile? One of the first steps to getting a beautiful smile is ensuring that you have the required pearly white shine on your teeth. Have dirty, yellowish teeth and no matter how cute you look, or how many dimples you have on your cheeks, your smile would end up looking unattractive. Here are 15 ways you can drop the insecurity and whiten your teeth naturally.

Cleaning Them Properly

We don't want to sound like a parent right now, but one of the first steps to ensuring that you have the natural white shine is by cleaning your teeth properly. This means that you should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day.

Extra Dental Tools

Supplementing your brush with extra tools will also help you in getting back the desired shine. You can start off by getting interdental cleaners that look like small pipe cleaners and go within the gaps in your teeth to clean them properly.

Focus on Your Diet

Instead of focusing on what to not eat, you should try getting foods you should eat to get a clean, white smile. Nuts including almonds are perfect due to their rough surface. Apple and pear produce saliva that helps wash away food debris.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

What you need to do with these two ingredients is to pour some lemon juice on several teaspoons of natural baking powder. Apply the paste that is created on your teeth for a minute and then rinse it off clearly. You'll soon have shiny white teeth.

Coconut Oil

Oil pulling with coconut oil is a method implemented by most celebs. What you need to do is to put a spoonful of coconut oil within your mouth and then swish it around for 5-10 minutes. The activity may seem boring, but has lasting effects.


This fragrance spice is also used to whiten teeth. While some people may experience immediate results, others will see delayed results. Regardless of the time it takes for the teeth to whiten, the method is effective and long lasting.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is considered as an effective cure for acne that develops on the teeth. Moreover, it can also help whiten the teeth by absorbing all substances that form the stains you currently have on the surface of your teeth.

Salt, Strawberry and Baking Soda

The paste you will get from mixing these three would be tastier than some of the others we have talked about yet. Mash the strawberry pulp and mix it with baking powder and salt. Apply the paste to your teeth and leave it on for 5 minutes to get the full benefit.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This method will not give you instant results. In fact, you will have to wait for a few months to pass by. A couple of months after you start applying it on your teeth; you will experience a pearly white texture forming on the surface.

Lemon or Orange Peels

The peels these really tasty fruits can have a brilliant impact on the whitening of your teeth. Just gather some peels together and rub the inner white area that they have against the surface of your teeth. You will soon see a white glow on your teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical may sound dangerous due to its name, but it is really recommended for whitening your teeth in a natural way. Since it is a bleaching agent, the mixture also helps get rid of pesky debris and bacteria in your mouth.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is a plant used for numerous purposes because of its beneficial properties. Dry out the leaves in the sun, make a powder out of the leaves and mix it with your toothbrush to experience a fresh wave of whitening on your teeth.


If you want to experience the real feel of going natural than you should try using Margosa twigs instead of your normal tooth brush. This would help clean your teeth in a perfect way and would help you realize the difficulties your ancestors went through.


Sage is blessed with natural anti-fungal, antibiotic and astringent facilities that make it a really awesome method of whitening and cleaning teeth. It will not only help remove stains, but also keeps your teeth save from the bacteria that can harm them later on.

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