15 Things We See Everyday Without Knowing Their Official Names

Weird | By Charlie Blacks II | December 5, 2017

Every day, we wake in the morning and carry out the necessary tasks we need to accomplish in order for us to take things to the next level and improve our lives. At times, we're so in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the world, we tend to ignore the small things we see and use on a daily basis without knowing or fully utilizing the tools and features of our own bodies or the objects around us. Which is why we're here to break down the names of some of the things you see every day but, might not know exactly what to call them. Without further ado, check out these fifteen things you see every day and what they're actually called for yourself.


We've all closed our eyes tightly whether it be in the midst of a yawn or just trying to clear our heads of random thought and witnessed those bright lights dancing behind our eyelids. Well, those flickers of colorful light are known as phosphenes. Which derives from the Greek words 'to show light'.


Majority of people would refer to this part of their nails as the tips but, they do have an official name, lunule. The crescent-shape of the lunules was inspired by the moon itself. This definitely is some nerd-friendly information to spring on your friends and colleagues next time they're talking about getting their nails done.


Who doesn't enjoy waking up to the smell of a fresh rain coming in contact with the asphalt or the natural elements/environments of this beautiful rock we call Earth? Well, that smell and sensation goes by the name of petrichor and is one best scents on the planet if you ask us.


For all of you out there, we personally recommend that you nurdle at least two to three time a day for proper dental hygiene. For those of you unaware of what a nurdle is, it's that dab of toothpaste you apply to your toothbrush right before the brush enters your mouth for cleansing. Seriously, brush your teeth as much as possible.


We've all gotten that tingly, burning, itching sensation in our feet once upon a time, most of us would call it our feet falling asleep which is correct but, the scientific term for this sensation is known as paresthesia and it's annoying as hell.


Supposedly, people that are notorious for griffonage are known for having high IQs because they're either always on the go or their brains are moving faster than bodies. Griffonage is known as illegible handwriting. You'll notice this the next time you're at the hospital for a check-up from your doctor.


First and foremost, we wouldn't recommend waking a baby up with an air horn but, that's a conversation for another day. Dysania is something we probably all suffer from being that it's the technical term for finding it hard to wake up in the morning, some might call it a case of the Monday's as well.


This is probably the most frustrating entry on this particular list and we've all been there. You know that itch that you can't scratch located directly in the middle of your back and no matter how hard you try, you can't satisfy that itch? Well, that devilish part of your back is known as acnestis.


These are always pretty cool when you discover them by accident. Palindromes are phrases or words that are the same spelt forwards and backwards. For instance, the easiest being mom, or race car, or taco cat. We're not sure when you'd ever the words taco cat but, it works.


All of you probably touch your aglets every day and don't even realize it, what a shame... Luckily, it's nothing pervy but, rather the tips of your shoelaces that are usually covered in plastic or metal. Hey, everything needs a proper name, right?


Taking things to the next level of random information is this necessary tool known as a ferrule, which is the metal piece of a pencil that holds the eraser on to the end of your pencil. Ferrules also hold the paintbrush tips to the wooden handle of the brush as well.


Kummerspeck originally derived from the German language and refers to the additional weight packed on after emotional over-eating. What makes this word hilarious though is that it translates to grief bacon in English. With that said, eat up you depressed bastards.


This is usually the habit of unknowledgeable young kids and toddlers but, every once in awhile you'll catch someone in public digging for gold. Rhinotillexomania is known as over excessively picking one's nose. Please, for those of you who do this, stop, and wash your hands for the sake of our sanity and health.


Nope, we're not talking football but, the indentation of the bottom of bottles of wine. People believe that the larger the punt, the better quality of wine it is. We think it's just a way to provide people with less wine when historically, punts were created in order to help the bottle stand up straight. The more you know...


We know what your thinking and no this isn't referring to those sick f*cks that like to touch kids but, rather Peladophobia is known as the fear of balding men. There probably isn't a group of people out there afraid of a group of George Costanzas but, rather that balding men are actually afraid of being bald themselves so, they suffer from this phobia.

Is it useless knowledge? Maybe, but did you increase your vocabulary? We're sure you did.



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