Ever Wondered Why Kylie Jenner Touches Her Lips In Nearly All Her Photos?

Entertainment | By Emily Malone | December 4, 2017

There may not be an Instagram star out there more famous than Kylie Jenner. The media savvy millennial is now 20 years old, but she has been in the public eye for almost a decade now, ever since she first appeared in the show that made her family famous, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. During all this time if there is one thing that Kylie has been best known for, it is her famous pout. Here we will look into one of her most common poses in photos and how it is secretly drawing more attention to her lips.

Here Is The Touch We're Talking About

In these photos you can see this signature pose of Kylie's, with her hand curled up and ever so slightly touching her lips. There are a lot of different variations of this pose that Kylie often strikes, each of which draws attention to her signature pout in a different way.

In A Surprising Amount Of Her Photos

Kylie is no newbie to Instagram, the star has over 5 thousand instagram posts thus far. For this massive amount of photos you would expect a large array of poses, but Jenner actually keeps it pretty simple. One of the most common poses she has in her arsenal? This hand to mouth look.

Her Fans Even Draw The Move

Kylie has no shortage of fans, 99.7 million on Instagram alone, plus the people that see her in media that is not her own. Here s one popular fan drawn image that Kylie herself even reposted, and in it you can see that she is doing this signature pose.

Switch Ups Are Noticeable

Even in the photos where Kylie is not doing her signature hand to mouth pose, she rarely covers up her lips. And why would she, they are a great feature! When she does cover up her lips in a photo, like this one, it stands out as being very different in her feed. It also draws attention to her beautiful brown eyes!

Draws The Eyes To Her Face

This signature hand to mouth look does more than just draw attention to her pout. In photos you can see how by putting her hand on her mouth she is effectively blocking out the bottom ?? of her face and by doing so she makes the rest of her face the focus of the photo without having to take too close up of a photo.

Other Ways Of Achieving The Same Effect

Even when she doesn't use the hand to mouth pose, there are other ways of getting the attention focused on one part of the screen in particular. Here is a particularly hot photoshoot Kylie did a while back where smoke is what achieves the effect that Kylie often uses her hand to do.

Gives Her A Signature Look

Another thing that this look accomplishes is something that has been stated many times throughout the article, this pose gives her a signature look. By having signature look she stands out in the mind of her fans, and when other Instagrammers do similar poses it makes viewers think of Kylie.

Her Lips Weren't Always Center Stage

As hard as it is for some people to imaging, there was a point in Kylie's life where her lips weren't a big deal, in fact they weren't big at all. Growing up and for half of her time in the spotlight Kylie had lips on the smaller side of normal, but now everything is different.

Lip Fillers Changed The Game

What is different between Kylie's look now and then? Lip fillers. The young star has been getting them for years now, and at the time when it happened first, it was a huge deal. There was a huge uproar when people first discovered Kylie was getting lip fillers because most people thought she was far too young for them.

She Has Built An Empire

Off of the back of some drama following the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, young Kylie made an impressively bold move and launched her own lip kit line. The kit was a huge success and sold out within minutes when it first launched, since then she has expanded to several other products and continues to be a huge hit.

A Celebrity In Her Own Right

Kylie has used all of this exposure to launch herself from being a reality star because of a show mostly designed around her sisters, to a celebrity herself. Between her massive instagram following and her massively successful makeup brand, Kylie can proudly state she has earne her success.

Developed A Swagger To Go With It

To back up her success Kylie has developed the style to back up this celeb status. She is frequently referred to as King Kylie, every time she's out she looks more fabulous and a bit ridiculous than the time before, and all of her fan's eat it up.

Cute Little Kylie Is Still There

Some long time watchers of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's show are sad to see the old Kylie go, and feel like she is growing up too fast. Those fans are comforted when they see photos like this where they think they are seeing a more genuine natural Kylie.

More Business Savvy Than She Lets On

Although Kylie's brand of social media makes it seem like she spends most of her time out with her friends or hanging out poolside she is actually hard at work. Launching a successful brand and maintaining a social media following this huge are no joke, and Kylie is one of the best at it.

A Very Impressive Young Woman

All in all, whether you are a fan, or even if you like her or not, it is clear to see that Kylie is a very impressive young lady. At only 20 years old we probably haven't seen a drop in the pool yet of what Kylie has to offer the world yet. And we are excited to see what she will come out with next!



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