Did NASA Really Abandon an Astronaut That Made it to Mars?

Science | By Cole Damon | November 28, 2017

Most people are aware of the fact that human kind has never stepped foot on the red planet. But there are roaring speculations circulating around the internet about an astronaut who was abandoned on Mars by NASA. Some people even claim that the critically acclaimed movie, "The Martian" is inspired by real life - what adds fuel to the rumors is the fact that the sci fi flick has been praised for being scientifically accurate!

Meet US Marine Randy Cramer

US Marine Randy Cramer is a whistleblower who has now been authorized to reveal his top secret space mission to the world. He claims to have spent 17 years on Mars, completely abandoned by NASA and left to fend for himself.

He is still under oath

Randy Cramer has released a newsletter documenting his escapades on the red planet. He is still under direct military orders but has been given the 'go ahead' to reveal everything to the public. His life and time on the planet is no longer considered classified.

Special Section

Apparently there is a 'special section' of the US Marine Crops which is dedicated to space missions. He also claims there is a legal basis for his disclosure, called article 21 of the USMC code which allows marine officers to speak about their activities.

His life on Mars

He first touched down on Mars at Aries Prime (a geographic location on the red planet) and worked at a station called Forward Zebra. The Martian facilities are underground and are well hidden from satellites or cameras.

He could breathe on the planet

Despite what many scientists would have you believe, Martian surface is relatively habitable and does not really require special suits. Randy claimed he could not only breathe in the air (albeit with difficulty) but also walk on the planet without aid of a suit.

He still wore his space suit

Although it was easy for him to walk on the plane without a suit, he rarely walked on the surface without one. This is because of the cosmic radiation from the sun which can irradiate the skin and cause cancer.

Snow falls on Mars

Cramer claims that it occasionally snows on the planet, but it falls a lot slower on Mars than on Earth, on account of the much smaller gravity. And just like on earth, each snow flake is unique.

There were aliens

The most important question - were their aliens on the planet? Yes. But they are few and far between, Randy claims to have had occasional interaction with 2 native Martian species, one was a reptoid and the other was an insectoid.

There is an entire colony of humans on the planet

Unbeknownst to most humans on earth (except of course for NASA), there is an entire colony of humans on the planet which has been living over there for millennia. They are locked in a debilitating war with the reptilian species.

Cramer was stationed there to guard them

During times of war, it was Cramer's duty to guard and patrol the human stations and alert them from any reptilian attacks. Turns out, war was a regular feature of his 17 year stay on the planet. War it seems - never changes.

A catastrophic event occurred

A diabolical plan from the reptilian military wiped out two human colonies, killing over 260 people and almost resulted in the death of Cramer. The Martian then went to flying school to pilot the Nautilus spaceship to patrol the skies.

He wanted out of the planet

Although Cramer was scheduled to spend 20 years on the planet, it was beginning to take a toll no his body. He wanted out of the planet and return back to earth. He had spent 17 years and his superiors allowed his wish.

Back on Earth

As he returned to earth, mind control devices were initially used on Cramer to repress his memories and prevent him from inadvertently giving away classified information to the outside world. Overtime however, Cramer used his inner psychological strength to recover those memories and tell us about his great story - of course only after obtaining permission from his superiors.

Why would the government lie to us?

Governments around the world are distracting humanity from their main objective while secretly allowing the one percenters to colonize space. Their diversionary tactics include using propaganda such as the Ebola virus to keep prying eyes at bay. Even now, our viewers will only read this article with extreme speculation.

Everything we've been told is a lie

The government has been spoon feeding us for the past 50 years or so with nonsense. UFOs and extra terrestrial creatures are real and have made contact with us. But the government fears letting us know the truth because of the outrage it may cause. Our message to the readers is this: Always watch out for the truth!



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