15 Stages of Love: Where Are You At In Your Relationship?

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 27, 2017

Love is a really beautiful feeling, but getting to experience that feeling in full flow can often be really tricky. Popular belief is that there is someone for everyone out there, how lucky have you been in founding him/her? And what stage of our relationship process do you find yourself on? Read on and let us know where you stand in the comments.

You Realize He/She Exists

This is the first stage of the whole love process. You just spot this really cute looking person and you just like how adorable their jaw line is or how good they look with their collar bone showing. You like what you see and want to see more.

You Start Stalking Them

You find out who the other person is through a friend of yours and you are really eager on stalking them on their social media handles. You stalk them relentlessly on social media until you have seen everything and start stalking them in person.

You Bump Into Them

Bumping into them is probably the cutest stage. You have been stalking them and they accidently bump into you. Drama ensues and you drop something from your hands and they help you in picking them up. You exchange basic greetings and do check each other out.

You Exchange Numbers

The process of bumping into each other and exchanging numbers can either take some minutes or in extreme cases a couple of months. Regardless of how much time it takes, you are hell bent for taking their number and wait for them to bring it up.

You Act Aloof

Once both of you have exchanged numbers between each other you remain on standby and wait for them to make the first move. When they actually do message you, you try to act aloof and discuss the weather out of all things.

Falling for Them

Soon you start to develop an attraction towards their charm and their witty ways and think that the forced aloofness is of no use and you should probably move to the next step. You start passively flirting and end up falling for them.

You Go All In

Here you realize how this person is just what you have been looking for your whole life. They are understanding, compassionate and best of all have looks that anyone can die for. You try not to, but you eventually go all in.

Your Phone is Always with You

Both of you are always talking to each other on the phone and your phone literally becomes a part of your arm. You can't stop talking to them and they can't stop talking to you. You know you're becoming gullible, but you love every bit of it.

You Start Dating

You are having a great time texting and think that it is time to start dating. You like talking to each other a lot and love how serene and comfortable your dates are. By the fourth date's time, you have already started thinking about the venue for your wedding.

You Kiss

You know both of you are deeply in love with each other and the dates have drastically increased. You meet twice every week now and there is only one thing left to do. One Friday night you grab each other and go into an embrace and find each other's lips.

You Share Your Secrets

You are having a great time and are enjoying every bit of how you two lovebirds spend your time. One fine day you start crying and tell them your biggest, darkest secret. You think they'll run away but they hold your head up and cuddle you for support.

You say the 'L' Word

You know you are head over heels for them and they know that they are also head over heels for you. Both of you keep saying the 'L' word repetitively and can't define how much you love each other. This is just the loveliest thing to ever happen to you.

You Go Full Base

You trust them more than you have trusted any of your previous ex's. You find them really good looking and agree to go full base with them. They call you over to their place and both of you undress each other before going into a night full of adventure.

You Feel Safe

You feel really safe around them and trust them with almost everything about you. They are almost part of me and you feel like a single entity together. They are always besides you in your difficulties and you stick by them through their tough times.

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