How Selena Gomez's Unique Style Has Set Trends Over The Years

Entertainment | By Emily Malone | November 24, 2017

Hollywood starlet is remarkably successful and well put together for a young woman still in her early 20's. One thing that has always been true for Selena is that she has always been a huge fan favorite, but one thing that has changed a lot is her personal style over the years. Here is a 15 image evolution of the young star's style evolution from her days as a child actress until the current day.

Little Selena

This is Selena before she ever stepped into the spotlight, how cute! This was probably taken while she was living in her hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas. Who would have thought a small town girl like this would have ended up being a hugely successful actress and singer?!

First Role On Barney Show

Selena took her first step down the path to fame a a very young age when she started as one of the child actors on the popular Barney. Back then she was probably dressed by one of the producers of the show or maybe even her parents at home because this is a very standard outfit for a young girl.

Disney Days

Back in 2007 Selena starred as Alex Russo on the popular Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place. While acting in the show she was almost always pictured in modest outfits like this one, Disney is notorious for not wanting their stars to wear outfits that might be considered too revealing for children.

Her First Red Carpet, At 14!

Most 14 year olds are just beginning high school and full on awkward in just about every way, but not Selena! This is Selena at her first red carpet event, she was still working on a Disney show at this time and is dressed in a modest and simple, but cute, outfit that is very age appropriate.

Used To Be Big On Vests

One cringe worthy blip on Selena's style history is her phase of wearing vests. Lots of celebrities, both female and male, were big on vests in the 2000's and early 2010's. Thankfully this moment in time has passed and we can all look back on vests like this one with a bit of a chuckle.

Later That Same Year, Red Carpet Style

Although that vest was not Selena's best moment, she pulled it back around later that same year with this stunning gown. While still very modest, Selena is giving off Grecian goddess vibes in this one shouldered number and a sleek updo. Pretty impressive choice from a girl of such a young age!

Big On The Bracelets

Another phase that almost every teen went through in this time as well was wearing about as many bracelets as possible at one time. Here she is wearing a very simple outfit with a cute new haircut, but the eyes are drawn to the multicolored clump of bracelets around her right wrist.

Selena Starting To Hit The Style Scene

In 2011 Selena took a sharp turn from her Disney days in this little number. Not only is it semi sheer, it is short as well! Selena did a good job here of being sexy while not overdoing it and is still age appropriate, but starting to show her own sense of style.

Emerging As An Adult

This dress is straight up oozing sex appeal! Selena wore this to the AMA Gown, accented by boyfriend at the time Justin Bieber who was a fellow child star for his singing career. Some people were shocked by this bold choice but Selena rocked this stunning gown.

Risque Movie, Risque Outfit

One of Selena's first movies out of Disney was the film Spring Breakers, which basically was about girls misbehaving on spring break. The movie's topic was a bold choice for the modest actress, and at the premiere she went with an equally bold colorful crop top with matching skirt.

Still Keeping It Kid Friendly

Although by this time, 2013, Selena had long broken out of her Disney role, with movies like Spring Breakers, she still knew how to keep things appropriate when she needs to. Here she is on the Nickelodeon Kids choice awards red carpet in a designer strapless romper in spring colors of light blue and cream.

Hey Trendsetter

Here Selena is taking a step outside of the style norm to rock this dress with cut outs all the way down to her hip line and a bold pattern. Because of this bold outfit Selena has wisely decided to leave her makeup look natural so as not to overdo the outfit.

Her Style Is Simple, But Elegant

By now her style has become fairly well established and well liked. Selena knows how to be sexy and beautiful without needing to show too much skin, but she will not hesitate to flaunt some when she wants too, but even then then she keeps it classy.

Doesn't Mean She Can't Still Stun

Just because Selena's style is elegant rather than flashy that does not mean that she is not one of the most noticeable women on the red carpet. Here she can be seen in a red dress that was turning heads everywhere and got her the recognition for one of the best dressed at the 2016 AMA's.

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