15 Things You Have Probably Done Wrong Your Entire Life

Weird | By Cole Damon | November 24, 2017

To quote a PhD student of economics at the University of Arizona, "What seems obvious is not always apparent" and our brains tend to misconstrue many signs and cues. We just fail to pick them up. The funny thing is that it's not just one person who fails to understand the obvious - it happens with everybody. We collectively fall prey to our own stupidity. Here are 15 everyday things which we fail to understand!

Tictac containers

We've all carried these little containers to help us with our breaths in the nick of time. Most people simply toss the container ruggedly until a handful of them fall out onto our hands (and also the floor). The right way however is to use the little oval on the plastic flap to dispense a single tic tac!


Eearbuds are compact solutions to the otherwise bulky headphones. Unfortunately most people don't really know how to plug them in, causing them to inadvertently fall out due to sight motion or gravity. The proper way is to loop the earbud over the top of your ear from behind.

Holding juice boxes

One of the great mysteries of life is the weird little flaps on juice boxes. Those flaps are meant to be held out so that kids and adults alike could easily hold the juice instead of grappling it with their hands and spill the contents over.

Holding a glass of wine

Believe it or not but there is a civilized way of holding glass wines instead of grabbing them in a chokehold. They are meant to be held towards the base of the stem between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger.

Bread tags

Most of us are guilty of dumping our bread tags away. What purpose could they serve other than to go in the trash can right? Wrong. A novel way of using them is to stick them on your cords as labels so you don't accidentally shut down your computer.

Peeling oranges

Most of us try to butcher oranges with our hands in order to reach the tasty insides. An easier way to peel oranges is to cut out the ends of the oranges and then slicing it down the middle - the result is much neater to look at.

Packing your suitcase

Most people randomly throw their clothes inside their suitcase and use power to try squeezing every last bit of thread sticking out into the containers. However rolling the clothes not only saves space but also prevents wrinkling.


Most of the plungers used for toilets are composed of a wood handle and a red plastic cup. Those are actually meant to be used on the kitchen sink and not the toilet! What you need instead is a toilet plunger or a flange plunger. The two serve a unique purpose.

Using too much toothpaste

A common misconception many people have is that a lot of toothpaste equals cleaner teeth. Experts say that anything bigger than a pea size is not going to contribute to your oral hygiene and will end up getting washed down the drain.

Peanut butter oil

The right way to use peanut butter oil is to flip the container upside down so that the oil works its way to the other end. That way you won't have to worry about dumping the oil on the counter or having to waste it.

Peeling the banana

You're supposed to peel the banana from the stubbier end but we usually peel bananas from the top. Bananas peel better and easier that way. That's how monkeys do it - and that's how humanity should do it.

Holding a pizza

When it comes to pizza - it's always a no hold barred contest between who could eat the most slices and so end up throwing the pizza all over the place. Pizzas are meant to be folded a little to make a U shape to prevent the contents from falling all over the place.

Crossing out words

When you've written something incriminating which you don't want to share with the world, you promptly begin to cross out the words in the hopes of wiping them from existence. They can still be deciphered. Instead try to cross them out with other letters to prevent them from being legible.

Hole in the pot

That hole in your cooking pot is not a design gimmick, instead it is meant to hole the spoon while you're busy tending to other parts of the kitchen. It's a handy way of keeping both the pot and the spoon nearby.

Breaking a toblerone bar

The entire world has been doing it wrong. What they do is to grab with their hands and pry it loose from the rest of the bar. It works, but leaves a lot of mess. Instead, the best approach is to treat the bar as a cigarette lighter - while holding the bar in your hand, use your thumb to push backwards onto the triangular piece. It would produce little to no mess.



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