Remember This Viral Photo Of Parents Who Had 6 Babies? This Is How They Look Now

Inspiration | By Jay Dawson | November 24, 2017

The best thing about the internet? Sharing the lives of the billions of other people around the planet, finding out about their joys and miracles. It's not just the next door neighbor who we get to see every day - it's everyone. That's why when this incredible family appeared overnight, six years ago, everyone fell in love with them. But their massive sextuplet surprise, and their inspirational story, doesn't just have to end there. We've caught up with them six years on, and you'll never believe what they look like now...

They Were Trying To Get Pregnant

On the surface, Mia and Rozonno McGhee were just like any other young couple. They had been married for a number of years and were desperately trying to have a child. Little did they know that they would get much more than they bargained for...

Then, A Miracle Occurred

When the exciting news arrived, it turned out to be quite the shock. Mia was pregnant, but not with one or two babies. In fact, she was expecting a sextuplet; six beautiful children, all at the same time. This would require a little more planning...

What Are The Odds?

Even having twins is fairly uncommon - so what are the chances of having six, all at once? Pretty darn small. One in 67 pregnancies is a multiple birth, but having sextuplets naturally is about a one in 4.7 billion chance. With fertility treatments, the rate is a little higher, but not much.

Breaking The Records

With only six sets of sextuplets currently living in the entirety of the United States, it's no surprise that the McGhee's new family was going to break some records. In fact, when they were born in 2010, they were the first sextuplets ever in Columbus, Ohio.

Meet The McGhees

Now it's time to meet this wonderful new family, as they first appeared back in 2010. Photographer Brian Killian was the one chosen to record their debut to the world, and did so with this beautiful snapshot of them all sitting on Rozonno's back.

The Photo Goes Viral

In any other decade, it would be a small story in the newspaper and a portrait on the mantelpiece. But when this photo appeared on the internet, everyone in the world went gaga over it. The McGhees became celebrities overnight, and their life has never been the same.

A Place On Oprah

They even went on Oprah to share their wonderful new family, delighting audiences with the cute-as-hell babies and their stories of raising six infants simultaneously. And you know you've made it if you've been on Oprah - she's the stepping stone to greatness.

Their Own Reality Show

The offers didn't stop there. Within a couple of months of the picture first surfacing, the McGhees were approached with an idea for a reality TV show, called "Six Little McGhees". They jumped at the chance to show off their parenting skills, and the show had a successful three-year run.

Never Out Of The Limelight

Most internet celebrities and viral sensations are a flash in the pan, unable to hold our attention span for long enough to last more than a week or so. Not the McGhees. For whatever reason, their story captured the hearts and minds of the public permanently, and they've never been far from the news.

But It's A Full-Time Job

But what about the actual parenting side of things? As you can imagine, it's tough work. Even now, seven years on, they're still dealing with six different tantrums and trying to get six different children ready in time for school. They won't sleep properly for another 12 years, at least.

On Top Of Their Real Full-Time Jobs

Not only that, but Mia and Rozonno still have to earn money in order to pay for six hungry mouths. Together, and on top of raising the kids, they run a full-time carpet cleaning business. It's exhausting just thinking about it.

Somehow, They've Kept It Together

Married for 10 years before the children arrived, and still married seven years later, it's a wonder that the McGhees haven't quietly imploded. But through thick and thin this amazing couple has kept it together, finding strength in even the most difficult times.

Recreating The Magic

Part of the reason they've worked so well is their fans, who continue to support them. So in order to say thank you to them, the McGhees this year decided to recreate the famous photoshoot that launched them into fame. Only the kids have really grown up!

One Adorable Family

This photo is likely to go just as viral as their last. They might not be babies anymore, but they're still just as adorable as ever. Have you ever seen such a beautiful family? Somehow, we really doubt it. We certainly haven't.

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