Remember Amy Jo Johnson From Power Rangers? See What She Looks Like Now

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 23, 2017

The power rangers has become a global phenomena, entertaining children and adults alike. This post will be a trip down the memory lane, a nostalgic jump back to the past in which we'll discuss about Amy Jo Johnson, the pink power ranger who will always have a special place in our hearts decades after its inevitable end. While the world has moved on, the memories haven't.

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She was born at the age of 1970 on October in Dennis MA. This will make her 47 years old today, while this definitely means she is now on the older side, it doesn't mean she is any less stunning.

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Despite crossing the age of 40, where tell tale signs of old age start to show on the face, Amy has most definitely maintained an amazing face and a chiseled physique. Just look at that brilliantly cute smile.

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She stands at 5 feet 2 inches. This makes her slightly shorter as far as average heights go in the United States. But her smaller frame has no negative impact on her intimidating appearance as the pink power ranger.

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Age refuses to catch up with her. In fact you could argue that she's a vampire, a sub species of humans who have mastered the reversal of the aging process. She baffles our minds with such a pristine face.

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Before her critically acclaimed role as the Pink power ranger, she was extremely passionate about gymnastics and even trained to compete in the Olympic Games before an injury killed her hopes and dreams. But we're not complaining, neither is she (due to her role as the pink power ranger)

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Believe it or not she actually doubles as a singer. And a famous one at that. Her first song "Puddle of Grae" even feature on the television series "Felicity". Her best song was "Simple Man" which can be found on YouTube.

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She hit it off with producer Oliver Giner and formally sealed the deal by marrying him in 2010. They have two adorable daughters and one healthy marriage. Amy has since shied away from the spotlight to take care of her daughters.

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She once made an appearance on the hit TV series ER with star Anthony Edwards. She played the role of the girl that got ran over by Dr. Carter's grandmother. Although the role was relatively smaller, she pulled it off with finesse.

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Amy Jo starred in 136 episodes on Mighty Morphine Power Rangers and numerous other spinoffs of the show including movies such as Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Her role has now been cemented in every kid from the 90s era.

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Her portrayal of Kimberly, the pink Power Rangers was supposed to be that of a dumb blond (typical of sexist producers from the 90s era). But with her amazing persuasive skills she managed to turn Kimberly from the stupid one to the brightest of the rangers.

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Her singing career has resulted in the release of three albums: The Trans-American Treatment, Imperfect and Never Broken. In addition to them, she has also performed on numerous shows with the Amy Jo Johnson Band. She promotes her music from her official website.

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She has received numerous nominations and has won many awards for her outstanding role as an actress. For instance in 2013 she won the Long Island Film Festival award in the category of Woman Filmmakers. She also won the Jury Award in Toronto International Film Festival in 2013.

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While those born in the 2000s era would probably know little about Kimberly Hart (the Pink Power Ranger), they may have seen the talented star play the role of cop as Jules Callahan on "Flashpoint". The role displayed her acting abilities nicely.

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She also volunteered for numerous charity campaigns and participated as a tutor for refugee children through the renowned International Rescue Committee's summer program. She even made numerous trips to Bosnia with the Global Children's Organization. She definitely has a soft spot for children.

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She now resides in Toronto with her husband Olivier Giner and two little daughters. She has a respectably large following on social media and continues to play roles on the big screen. She also made her first film, "The Space Between" which can be found on Google Play.

Did You Know...


When we think of inventors, the image that comes to mind is usually that of a frazzled scientist toiling away in a lab, not celebrities pulled from the pages of Us Weekly. However, a number of well-known public figures hold patents for various innovations. Some are related to the work that made them famous, while others are offshoots of hobbies or just a single great idea.


Part of guitar wizard Eddie Van Halen's signature sound was his two-handed tapping technique, but letting all ten fingers fly while simultaneously holding up the guitar's neck could get a bit tricky. Van Halen came up with a novel way to get around this problem, though; he invented a support (top) that could flip out of the back of his axe's body to raise and stabilize the fretboard so he could tap out searing songs like "Eruption." While Van Halen was obviously interested in improving his guitar work, the patent application he filed in 1985 notes that the device would work with any stringed instrument. Want to tap out a scorching mandolin solo? Find someone selling Eddie's device.


It’s probably not surprising that James Cameron—who designed a submersible to take him to the deepest known part of the ocean—will often invent technology to make his films if what he needs doesn’t exist. He holds a number of patents, including US Patent No. 4996938, “apparatus for propelling a user in an underwater environment,” that he and his brother, Michael, created to film The Abyss and patented in 1989. The device is basically an underwater dolly equipped with propellers that makes it easy for a camera operator to maneuver in the water—and allowed Cameron to capture the shots he wanted for the 1989 film, part of which was filmed in an abandoned nuclear reactor.


In 1987 Jamie Lee Curtis designed and patented a disposable diaper that included a waterproof pocket that held baby wipes. She hasn't profited from her idea yet, though, since she refuses to license the patent until diaper companies make biodegradable products.


You know him as a rock legend, but Neil Young also loves trains—so much that he owns a stake in a model train manufacturing company and has an extensive collection. He also holds seven patents related to model trains, including Patent No. US5441223, "Model train controller using electromagnetic field between track and ground."

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