What Your Heart Line Tells You About Your Love Life

Lifestyle | By Jay Dawson | November 23, 2017

Some of us just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to love. We look to the heavens and shout, "why me?". But maybe you don't need to be looking for divine guidance. Maybe everything you need to know about your love life, and what the future holds, is in the palm of your hands. Palmistry is one of those ancient traditions that nowadays has entered the realm of cliché and skepticism. But avoid the signs at your peril, because it can actually tell you the future with surprising accuracy...

The Art Of Palmistry

Palm-reading, palmistry, chiromancy - whatever you want to call it, the art has been around for thousands of years. In that time, it's been constantly refined and tested, and it still holds up to close scrutiny today. Forget those fortune tellers you see at carnivals - this is the real deal.

Where Is Your Heart Line?

To begin reading your own signs, you need to first find the heart line on your palm. If you're looking at your right hand, the heart line begins on the outside edge, about a third of the way down the palm below your little finger.

How It Relates To Your Relationships

The heart line is also known as the love line, and with good reason. Everything your love life has in store for you is here, mapped out completely. Your attitude, your relationships, and your emotions can all be found on your heart line.

What To Look For In A Good Heart Line

If you don't have time to do a full study, there's a quick check you can do to determine that you've got good fortune in love. Basically, you want to see a heart line that's deep, clear, curved, and unbroken. If you've got all those, it's looking good.

Size Matters

The length of your love line is an important indicator as to your personality. It's not going to tell you how long you're going to live, but it will tell you your predisposition to certain events. Very short means self-centered and ruthless, whereas very long means straightforward and unyielding, and often very faithful.

Your Age

Believe it or not, you can actually get a fair indication of when certain romantic events are going to occur, based on where they are on your heart line. If you take a vertical line down from your middle finger, where it hits the heart line is around the age of 50.

Forks And Branches

Most people will have a range of forks and branches coming off their love line, which mean various things. Having many upward branches is a good thing, while downward ones indicate that your marriage may not last. If it curves downwards and splits at the end, it shows that you're willing to sacrifice everything for love.

Islands In The Stream

Although they're called islands, they're not quite as idyllic as they sound. Islands in your line can actually indicate major romantic upheavals in your life, including periods of being single and messy break-ups. If you've got one or two, keep a look out.

A Broken Line

We don't want to sound all doomsday here, but having a heavily broken heart line is not great news. It indicates great setbacks along your emotional journey, whether it's due to money, stress, or a failing relationship. But take heart - it's not all bad.

If Your Heart Line Goes To Your Middle Finger

If this is your hand, then it shows that you're not only intelligent and ambitious, but also deeply independent. Although this might show as selfishness - or at least people might think that way - communicating clearly will ensure a happy romantic life.

If It Goes To Between Your Middle And Index Fingers

A love line ending right at the bottom of the peace sign is a great thing. This shows that you're considerate, kind, and trustworthy, and any partner who appreciates that will be with you long term. As long as you don't zone out and daydream, you'll find a really intense love.

If It Goes To Your Index Finger

Those whose line goes straight to your index finger probably won't be reading this article - because they're happy no matter what. Single or married, alone or in company, they're the self-sufficient type that finds satisfaction and confidence in every romantic scenario.

If It Meets Your Head Line

Finally, if your heart meets your head line - which starts between the thumb and index finger and travels downwards - that shows a calm and caring person who's always able to use their best judgement. With good intentions and a warm heart, you'll always find the right person for you.

Other Lines To Look Out For

Of course, there's so many other factors to love and relationships than just your heart. Your life experiences and ability to judge wisely (with your brain!) all play a part, and these are shown in other parts of your hand. Make sure you study your whole future.

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