Woman Loses 150 Pounds in 9 Months, Her Transformation Will Leave You Speechless

Inspiration | By Ian Anglin | November 22, 2017

Today's story is about a young girl who was getting seriously obese - to the point where her weight started to negatively affect her health and relationship. That is why Kate Writer decided to get serious about her health, and completely overhauled the amount and type of food she consumed. She also added more cardio and exercises to her daily routine, all of which helped her to eventually achieve her goal of losing 150 pounds over a period of 9 months.

This is Kate

Here is a photo of Kate Writer, the girl who lost 150 pounds over a 9-month period. Obviously, this photo has been taken she started her extreme weight loss journey. You won't believe your eyes how much better and healthier she looks today.

She Loved Food

Kate was a big foodie - she wanted to eat all kinds of different food, including sadly, the bad variety, such as processed and fast food. As with all people of her (past) weight, she probably consumed a lot of sugary drinks as well.

She Wanted to Impress Her Boyfriend

Although her boyfriend Nick was satisfied with how his relationship with Kate was going (and he never took an issue with her weight), Kate wanted more. She wanted to make her boyfriend be proud of her, and she wanted to improve her health.

She Started to Have Health Problem

What gave Kate the biggest "boost" to her motivation, was the health problems and all the pain she started feeling in her daily life. Being that much overweight can put a lot of strain on your knees and other joints in the body.

She Watched Her Calories

One of the most basic changes Kate implemented in her diet, was to start watching out for the number of calories she consumed. This is also known as the "calories-in, calories-out" method of weight control. People doing this need to watch not to go too low in their deficits.

Here's What Losing 150 Pounds Looks Likes

According to some estimates, Kate weighted around ~290 pounds or so. After her weight loss, she went under ~140 pounds, which is a shocking amount to lose. You can see in the above photo how loosely her old clothes are fitting her now.

Kate Now Works as a PE Trainer

Today, Kate is healthier than ever, and she has tried to incorporate exercise in her work life as well - by becoming a PE training, which means that she now exercises not just to keep her body in shape, but to earn her living as well. That's a great combination.

She is Just 25 Years Old

Looking at her older photos, you could never tell that Kate is just 25 years old. That is because being overweight takes a heavy toll on the body, but today, after her weight loss, Kate looks younger and better than ever before.

Exercise Is Crucial

In one of the previous paragraphs, it was mentioned that calorie counting was one of the foundations of Kate's weight loss. Still, she also incorporated a lot of exercising, and even weight lifting into her daily routines, which helped to speed up her weight loss.

She Has Lost Five Dress Sizes

According to some of the photos that are available of Kate, she has dropped five dress sizes - just imagine going from a size XXL to an S or XS - that's how much weight Kate has lost. What's even better is that she is able to maintain her goal weight, which isn't always easy to do.

Her Typical Breakfast Was an Energy Drink and a Chocolate Bar

Kate was so unhealthy during certain times in her life, that some days her breakfast was an energy drink couples with a chocolate bar. Eating like this is not only fattening but also very unhealthy. Everyone needs to eat whole-foods in order to be able to get all the needed vitamins in minerals.

She Loves CrossFit

Apart from being a PE trainer, Kate is also a fan of CrossFit - a type of series of workouts that is a global phenomenon in terms of how popular it is. People that need to lose weight don't need to do CrossFit though - any type of exercise, including walking, is good enough.

She Had McDonald's Almost Every Night

Apart from her unhealthy breakfast, the rest of Kate's day was also pretty bad in terms of the overall food quality. She would be snacking on junk food for the whole day, and then end the night by having two dinners - one from McDonald's, and the other home-cooked.

Another Photo with Nick

Here is a photo of Nick and Kate together, after Kate's weight loss. Even though Nick never objected to Kate's previous excess amount of weight, you can clearly see in these new photos that he is much happier and probably very proud of his girlfriend's weight loss.

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