15 Things That Will Totally Ruin Your Relationship

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | November 22, 2017

All relationships and even marriage can be delicate to maintain. You only need to take one wrong step in order to lose your partner. Some people can feel the need to cheat or flirt with other people while being intoxicated - but just imagine what would happen if your partner found out about this? Would the flirting or eventual cheating be worth losing a person that you loved and cared for so many years? In most case, unless the relationship is wrong for you, ruining it is not worth it.

You Should Never Chat

One of the "best" ways to ruin a perfectly functioning relationship is to engage in the act of cheating. For cheating to occur, it doesn't even have to be fully physical - even emotional cheating, such as flirting and hiding other people from your partner can be bad for the relationship.

Not Spending Quality Time Together

Another surefire way to ruin your relationship is to not spend enough quality time together. Sure, watching Netflix together is okay, but you have to vary the activities that you do in your relationship so that you don't do the same things over and over again.

Dishonesty Can Be Disastrous

Another thing that can ruin your relationship is not to be fully honest and respectful towards your partner. You have probably noticed how much better you've felt after being honest with people - well, the same goes for your relationship. Be honest, and your partner will appreciate it.

Spending Too Much Time Together Can Have the Opposite Effect

While one of the previous paragraphs mentioned that spending quality time together can be good for the relationship, the same can be said for spending too much time together. If your partner feels suffocated, he may eventually decide to break up.

Do Not Have Rebound Relationships

Another thing that a lot of people get wrong, is to have a rebound relationship immediately after breaking up with their partner. That's not fair to the new person, as he may just fall in love with you, and finding that he was just a rebound can devastate that person.

Don't Ignore the Value of Your Partner

Sometimes, we get so comfortable in a relationship, that we take the other person's time and value for granted. Instead, we should that we have someone that loves us, and that we can love back - remembering the value of your relationship is a great way to strengthen your bond.

Flirting Shouldn't Be Tolerated

Just like cheating (in the physical sense) can completely devastate your partner, so can flirting. Even non-verbal flirting, such as starring at other people can be bad for the health of your relationship, so try not to do it.

Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is one of the most well-known relationship killers. Especially if your partner does not deserve the amount of jealousy, they are getting. If your partner has a history of cheating, and if you are uncomfortable with that, maybe it's better to break up than to ruin your partner's day.

Be a Good Listener

Being in a relationship is not just about what you can get - it is also about making the other person have a great time. Part of having a good time out with someone is to be a good listener - you need to wait for your turn to speak, and try to remember the little details the other person tells you.

Being Distrustful without a Reason Can Be Damaging to Your Relationship

Every person in the world believes that they deserve to be treated with dignity. This means that if your partner has not done anything to deserve it - you should never act distrustful and suspicious of their behavior and actions. Try to be more trusting in your relationships.

Having Angry Reactions to Feedback

Being able to take constructive criticism is one the hallmarks of being a good partner in a relationship. In fact, being able to accept criticism without having an angry reaction is one also a great habit to have while at work.

Being Closed to New Experiences

As the months and years go by, you should be ready to accept new challenges and experiences in your relationship. That's just how life is - no matter who much we like things to be as they are, everything is bound to change eventually - even your relationship.

Using Deception and Duplicity to Achieve Your Plans

This one is similar to the paragraph about the value of being honest in your relationship. You should never use deception and duplicity in your relationship in order to achieve the things that you want. Your partner is going to resent you if you have manipulated him into doing something.

Overstepping Personal Boundaries

No matter how close you are to your partner, some types of personal boundaries are going to exist forever - even after you get married and have kids. If your partner wants to be alone in the bathroom - you have to learn to accept that personal boundary.

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