15 Interesting Facts That Are Incredibly Hard To Believe

Weird | By Ian Anglin | November 22, 2017

The world is a large place, which is why you shouldn't be amazed to find out there may be millions of different things that you have never heard about. For example, did you know that a creature that doesn't even exist is the national symbol of Scotland? That's right, the Scottish national symbol is the unicorn. Check out the rest of the rest of photos in this story to learn all the other hidden facts that you've never heard about before.

The Size of Russia

Take a look at the above map of Europe and Asia, and just try to measure how large Russia is. The actual country spans from Scandinavia and the Northern Sea to the Pacific Ocean, almost near Japan and Korea. Russia looks like it's a continent in itself.

The Moon Is Not That Far

Few people know that the moon is not actually that far away in our solar system. The moon is about 238,555 miles (that is 384,400km) away from Earth, which is actually close enough that some car's pass that kind of mileage during their lifetime.

Unicorns in Scotland

Naturally, there are no unicorns in Scotland (or in any other country in the world). That didn't stop the people of Scotland to make the unicorn the national symbol of their country. Okay - there are a few weirded country symbols out there, like dragons for example.

The Person with the Most Visible Veins

The above photo is a picture of a woman who broke the world record in having the most visible veins in the world. Just like at her, you can basically see 99% of her vascular system. That must be helpful to doctors when they need to use a needle.

Human Alarm Clocks

Some people could look at this photo for a long period of time, and still not deduce what they are looking at. To help you out - this photo is a "human alarm clock." The guys on the opposite end of the building use the ropes to move a bell so that it can ring.

Whispering Can Be Illegal

This is obviously not the case in the US, but did you know that in some of the less developed or totalitarian countries in the world, whispering can be a crime, and actually get you sentenced to a few months in jail?

The Boss Baby

There was a pretty interesting movie that came out this year, called "The Boss Baby." Who knew that an actual boss baby exists, and tried to send his "resume" to an owner of a train company so that he can become a "director," and get everyone's train on track.

The Brooklyn Bridge Stampede

Here is a little-known fact - back in the distant 1 883, when the Brooklyn Bridge was first opened, a lady that fell down screamed so loudly, that she set of a stampede that caused dozens if not hundreds of other people to get injured.

Even the Tears of Rich People Are Worth Money

Here is another forgotten fact - back in Victorian times, there were people who worked as professional mourners, who collected the tears of upper-class rich people during some of the biggest funerals in that area. They later tried to resell the tears.

Farts Can Cure Cancer

This is actually not a joke - according to some studies, done by real scientists, smelling farts has been correlated with a reduced risk of developing cancer and having a stroke. No one knows why exactly these two things are correlated - yet.

People Pay to Be Kidnapped

Some people seem to have so much free time and money, that they actually pay big money to get themselves kidnapped. There is a whole company that runs a service like this - it seems that some people are willing to do anything to feel an adrenaline rush.

Apple Had More Money than the US Government

During the year 2011, Apple had so much money (while the US government's budget was suffering because of the financial crisis) that it was richer than the entire government of the richest and most powerful country in the world.

A Penguin Was Knighted in 2008

Almost 10 years ago, in the "distant" 2008, a member of the Norwegian royal family actually knighted a penguin names Nils Olav. They even gave the penguin a proper sounding Norwegian name, in order to be able to fully grant him a knighthood.

Rats Can Laugh

One of the cutest sounds that a person can hear in a lifetime is the laughter of a small rat. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen because although rats can laugh when they are tickled, the human ear is not sensitive enough in order to hear the laughter.

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