15 Early Warning Signs of A Dying Relationship

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 21, 2017

The right set of words and actions can either make or break a relationship. It all lies in your ability to properly articulate yourself. Sometimes couples take each other's feelings for granted and are of the opinion that their better half has essentially become immune to harsh words and actions. That is not always the case and the relationship could end up getting terminated. Here are 15 such signs that your relationship is probably at an end.

There is too much boredom

It used to be that your better half always exuded a tremendous about of jovial energy which would lift up your moods even in the darkest of days. But that time has come and gone. You no longer feel like that lingering passion.

The intimacy has gone

There was once a time when you two could never be separated. But now times have changed and you always find an excuse to avoid intimacy. Any relationship devoid of intimacy is a sign that times are nearing at an end.

The respect has dwindled

Respect is a two way street, as the saying goes. We have iterated this time and time again, that respect is cord which allows relationships to linger on for the long haul. Once that relationship dwindles, it's time to close it off.

You don't share personal matters anymore

Sharing your private matters used to be a daily routine between you two. It was a sign that you completely trusted him, but now you can only talk about generic stuff and are cautious enough to avoid revealing your personal matters.

You can never agree on something

Either because the overlapping compatibility which you two once shared is gone or perhaps because one of you wants to spite the other with your constant disapproval of their bright idea - you two just never seem to get along.

You point out their blemishes

There was a time when you once accepted each other for who you were. That is no longer the case. And that one dimple on her face now triggers his irritation, while his terrible sense of fashion makes her miserable.

You make excuses to move out

You're unable to tolerate their presence anymore. And while you don't want to let them know this out loud, the fact that you're making up irrelevant excuses to deprive them of your company says a lot about your state of affairs.

You feel agitated in their presence

Precisely why you want more space. His presence irks your anger and makes you feel nauseated, depressed and anxious. It might even make you feel claustrophobic because it gives the feeling of being trapped under his ever tightening chokehold. You just want out.

Throwing up tantrums at trivial things

These are not just small tantrums and grievances. No. These are wars waged on an epic scale, the conclusion of which leaves you both extremely miserable. It's only a matter of time for tempers to flare once again and end the relationship.

You sometimes wonder if there is a future

An extremely important indicator of your satisfaction with the relationship are second thoughts. If you truly want to be with him, the mere idea of reconsidering your relationship with him will sound toxic. It's no longer something which you can look forward to in the future.

There are fewer arguments

These relatively trivial arguments (a staple of most healthy relationships) have ceased to exist. Trivial arguments are a positive means of letting off some steam, which if allowed to accumulate could prove to be poisonous in the future.

There's a lot more gossiping

While healthy communication with your better half has come to a grinding halt, gossiping about them to your friends over dinner has somewhat become a trend. You no longer feel protective about his secrets and openly share them without feeling any guilt.

Sex is no longer fun

What used to be an enjoyable experience, a breather from the boring day at work or school, has now become a chore and you almost have to force yourself to enjoy it. A relationship deprived of sexual activity is obviously a dead right in its tracks.

You're always in a bad mood

It's okay to be in a bad mood every once in a while. But all of the time? That actually means you're about to call it quits in the near future and just can't wait to invent a good enough reason to immediately opt out.

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