15 Habits That Really Make A Relationship Very Strong

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | November 21, 2017

Proper relationship management is art in itself - while some things may work with one couple, that doesn't mean those same techniques are going to work on another pair of people. Still, over the decades, people have noticed certain behavioral patterns, that seem to help people get closer together. This story is going to examine 15 such rules and habits, that you can use on a daily basis to strengthen and improve your relationship.

Checking Up on Each Other

One of the fundamental aspects of being close to someone is being able to call them and have a chat whenever you feel the need to do. This doesn't imply that you should be distracting while your partner is at work, but being able to check up on each other (with some common sense) is a great way to improve your relationship.

Smiling and Laughing Together

Scientists have been saying for a long time now, that smiling and laughing with someone is a built-in instinct all humans have, that can help form bonds, and increase rapport. Try to have a fun time and laugh while you are out with your partner.

Being Able to Share

Being able to share anything with your partner - be it food, other objects, or something that I on your mind is essential to strengthening your relationship. No one should be in a relationship where they feel "suffocated" or otherwise not being able to share.

Being Able to Listen

Another important aspect of improving your relationship is having the ability to be a good listener. You have to learn to put your ego aside, and to be willing to listen to your partner and to be better understand them. Everyone loves a person that is a good listener.

Be Honest and Improve Your Relationship

Honesty is something of a dying art these days - which is a shame because being honest and open about anything is just about the best way to improve your standing with that person. Just remember all of those times you've kept secrets, and how awful you've felt.

Being Spontaneous

Naturally, as you age and have to keep a steady job, you can't be as spontaneous as during your teenage and adolescent years. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't at least try to live in the moment - if only for a few hours during the weekend.

Surprise Your Partner

One of the most awesome ways to brighten up your partner's day is to remember something they've always wanted (but haven't talked about in a long time), and then to surprise them with the thing. Not only will they love the gesture, but will be impressed that you've remembered for all that time.

Being Playful

Everyone knows how to be playful and teasing - that is the default behavior of kids until they grow up. Interestingly, just because people grow up, that doesn't mean they don't find teasing as a good thing anymore - in fact, everyone loves to be playful from time to time.

Respect Your Partner

Everyone loves to be in a relationship where they feel loved and respect. Learning how to properly show respect for your partner on a daily basis is one of the best surefire ways to strengthen your relationship. Respect doesn't mean buying gifts - it means respect your partner's time and effort.

Go For Walks Together

Given how much people these days are addicted the Internet, their cell phones and streaming video, being able to go for a walk with your partner just a few times per week can be enough to repair and improve the bond you have between each other.

Turn Off Your Television in the Evenings

Similarly to how going for a walk with your partner can improve your relationship, you can get the same effect by turning off your television or computer in the evenings so that the two of you can spend some more quality time together.

Bring Your Partner Coffee

Most people in the world love coffee - which means there is a big chance that your partner also loves drinking coffee. There is no better way to surprise a coffee drinker, than by bringing them fresh, already made coffee in the bed.

Express Positive Attributes about Your Partner

It is very often that we forget to express some positive attitude about our partner. That doesn't mean we don't keep our partners in positive regards, it's just we forget to mention it to them and to other people - and everyone loves hearing positive things about themselves.

Try to Cook and Clean Together

Another awesome way to strengthen the bond and rapport you have with your partner is to do some of the household chores together. Cooking and cleaning are the first to come to mind, due to how often they have to be done.

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