15 Dark Behind The Scenes Secrets Of 'Full House'

Entertainment | By Charlie Blacks II | November 20, 2017

TGIF! Everybody remembers the theme song, the classic ariel view shot of the San Francisco bridge and the loveable television family that gathered the masses throughout the late '80s and early '90s across the country. Even to this very day, the youth of this current generation is becoming familiar with a classic sitcom that surrounds a single father raising his budding children alongside his lifelong friends. If you haven't guessed the show by now we're talking Full House, a show that appeared family-friendly and PG from the outside looking in but, what many don't know is about the troubling activities and stories that took place behind the scenes and in these people's lives. With no further ado, check out these chilling behind the scenes secrets of a television classic we've all come to know and love in Full House.

Danny Tanner Vs. Bob Saget

Let's get this out of the way right now... For all of you youngsters out there that think Bob Saget is anything like the television character Danny Tanner in Full House, caring, loving, mellow-headed, and understanding, guess again. In reality, at the time he was one of the dirtiest comedians in the business and his character was supposed to reflect a sense of irony that only true Saget fans would recognize.

Dirty Jokes

Matter of fact, the adults on the set, in Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier were often the childish ones while on the job. They'd often participate in inappropriate banter while on the job which raised a lot of eyebrows from production and the parents of the child actors. From cursing around the kids to drawing d*cks on each other scripts, the fun never stopped until they'd be called into conference rooms about their inappropriate behavior.

Matter Of Fact...

The trio of Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos got high on-set of the show as mentioned in Saget's memoirs, Dirty Daddy. While waiting to be called on set for an episode surrounding an episode about Michelle's birthday party, the three locked themselves in a prop room where empty cans of whipped cream were located and did whippits together. Talk about irresponsible.

Dave Coulier Vs. Alanis Morissette

Dave Coulier also known as Uncle Joey, the lovable goof of Full House might be responsible for one of the greatest breakup songs ever. As many know Coulier and Alanis Morissette were an item at one time but many speculate that uncle Joey is the muse behind the song 'You Oughta Know'. He claims that it isn't true but, we call bullsh*t. What the hell did he do to her?

Danny Turner's Most Embarrassing Moment On-Set

Bob Saget is one of those comedians who doesn't care to know his audience so, one day while on set of the show, he was joking around with a fake rubber doll meant to be a stand-in for the character Michelle and in the presence of some crew members, pretended to smack the doll around and make some rather explicit innuendos with the doll but had no knowledge that all the television monitors around the studio were rolling and everyone in production could see his nasty bid. Yikes.

The Actual Set

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don't understand the concept of movie and television magic we'll let you in on a little secret. The show was supposedly based in San Francisco, California but in reality, the entire show was shot in ABC Studios in Los Angeles, California. Only one episode was actually shot in San Fran, the first episode of season eight, 'Comet's Excellent Adventure'.

The Credit Twist

Over the past two and a half decades, many of us have come to know and love the Olsen Twins but, what many didn't know that only one of the children was allowed to work at a time due to the child labor laws of California which later resulted in the name Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen showing up in the credit as one name despite the fact that there was two of them causing confusion to the audience. Later during season eight, the two received separate acting credits.

Character Names

Since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were so young while working on the show, the production team and adult actors would call themselves by their character names rather than their real names in order to avoid confusion while filming. Basically, they were raised on a white lie in regards to who was who.

John Stamos Vs. The Olsen Twins

This one might be hard to believe especially being that uncle Jesse and Michelle were nearly inseparable on screen but, according to sources behind the scenes, John Stamos once suggested that the Olsen Twins should be fired and replaced. At the time, the twins were extremely young and would cry often and with television production running a tight ship, frustration set in and he wanted the two gone during one of their tantrums.

Speaking Of Uncle Jesse...

John Stamos has been the stud muffin the ladies have been lusting after for decades but, his squeaky clean image was tarnished in 2015 after he was arrested for driving under the influence of the club drug known as GHB. You gotta do better John!

Producer Credits

After John was busted for driving under the influence, he later admitted himself into rehab in order to get himself cleaned up. These days he's officially a producer to the original show's spin-off series Fuller House and is supposedly doing better.

Mary-Kate & Ashley's Private Battle

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen built an empire throughout the '90s and early 2000s that grossed over $1 billion but, questions arose when the public noticed how thin Mary-Kate was getting. Later it was revealed that she had developed an eating disorder was checked into a rehabilitation center in 2004. She looks better these days as well.

Mary-Kate & Heath Ledger

When Heath Ledger was found unresponsive due to an accidental overdose, Ledger's maid was the first on the scene and called Mary-Kate Olsen immediately. Mary-Kate is connected to revealing the actor's death but, hasn't been vocal about the incident since then. It's gotta be a sensitive subject to relive.

Stephanie Tanner's Troubled Past

Everyone remembers the lovable middle child of the Tanner clan on the show in Stephanie. Unfortunately, what many didn't know is that she went into a straight downward spiral after the show ended. She began drinking heavily at the tender age of fourteen-years-old and later became addicted to meth. Out of all the people in the world, Jodie Sweetin becomes a drug addict... Who would have thought?


Luckily, Jodie has been able to turn her life around since then as she personally revealed that her turning point was that she wanted to be a better mother to her children. She's been clean for six years now and is hotter than ever if you ask us.

Not everything is peaches and cream, sometimes things can get dark behind the scenes.



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