Everyone Thought This Dog Was Grieving For Its Owner Until They Found This

Inspiration | By Gigi Cummings | November 19, 2017

Dog is known as man's best friend. Dogs are loyal companions who truly connect with their owners on an elevated level which makes this owner/dog bond something remarkable. There are so many stories of dogs doing remarkable things to help their owners, find their homes when they are lost, and going to great lengths to be the companion that they are meant to be. Think of the classic movie "Homeward Bound". But this story has a different twist ending that might surprise you, but still touch your heart.

A Dog's Grief

This photo began to get passed around the internet as sad picture of a dog who was grieving the death of it's owner. Many people felt that the dog was digging itself into the grave to be closer to his dead owner and the world felt the dogs heartbreak and sadness.

Fleeing From An Accident

Burke, the teacup great dane, followed his owner to the hospital after an drunk driving accident left the owner badly hurt. Burke was able to find the hospital and waited outside the emergency room for days while his owner recovered, the two were reunited a few days later.

Waiting For The Train

There is a famous story about Hachko, the dog who met the train every evening in Japan for 9 years after his owner passed away in hopes that one day he would return. His loyalty was so infamous that there was a statue erected by that train stop in the dogs honor.

The First Co-Pilot

In 1903, Bud Nelson, dog and best friend of auto engineer, Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson, accompanied his owner on the first ever automobile trek across the country starting in San Francisco and ending in New York. The trip took 63 and a half days, but the pair braved it together.

Protector Of Mumbai

Zanjeer, a police dog in Mumbai India, had an extraordinary career where he saved thousands of lives. He had detected more explosives, bombs and other deadly weapons than any of his human counterparts could ever do. When he dies of cancer at the age of 8 the city mourned and the police celebrated his life.

A Little Secret

The dog who had seemed to be living in his masters grave, actually seemed to be hiding a little secret. It was not until a groundskeeper noticed that the dog was continuing to go back and forth from the grave that anyone started to take notice on his antics.

Hiding Something Important

But what was the dog hiding? It was hard to tell because the dog was being extremely protective of whatever else was in the dug out grave that he had begun to make his home. But with a little bit of inspection, you can see that the dog was hiding something special.

A Long Trek Home

There are so many tales of animals finding their way home, and this one proves those are true. Buckey the dog was separated by his South Carolina owner and sent to Virginia. Where he escaped and trekked the 500+ miles back down to his loving owner in the south.

An Eternal Love

In Argentina, Miguel Guzman's death was a shock to his family, but his dog Capitan was hit the hardest. After learning of his owners death, the dog tracked down his owners grave and continued to sit by his side for over nine years, as loyal as they come.

A Faithful Friend

Tommy, a dog who was extremely loyal to his master, was present at his owners funeral which was the last time he saw his loving owner. After that day Tommy visits that church daily in order to check in on the place and the people who were the last to take care of him.

The Guardian

An Argentinian man was on a hike with his master in the mountains when he collapsed in the snow and died. Tolero, his dog, who was with him, stayed by his side for 23 days, staving off wild animals and attempting to keep his mater safe, until authorities found them and was able to lay his owner to rest.

A Loving Mother

The dog in the graveyard had been pregnant and was using the grave as shelter to house her new puppies. At first the dog was hesitant for any assistance and was guarding the gave and her puppies with ferocity. But she eventually realized that assistance could be necessary.

A Helping Hand

The dog eventually realized that they people who had come to the grave were not trying to threaten her puppies at all. She eventually allowed the people who had found her to give her a little attention and care so that they could make sure her puppies were ok.

Medical Attention

While the mother had done a really good job of protecting her young ones in the little grave home that she had created. The rescuers wanted to make sure that the pups were in good health, as well as the mama and gave them all necessary shots and checkups.

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