15 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

Humor | By Harriet King | November 17, 2017

We've all done it before: dated someone who seemed great at the time, despite a few little "quirks" that we brushed aside as unimportant. Then, before you know it, years have gone by and you find yourself in a thoroughly toxic relationship that is difficult to extract yourself from. The good news is that you can pay attention to those little quirks at the start to figure out if you're dating a toxic woman who will lead you down the wrong romantic past.

The Mean Woman

Is your partner constantly putting you down? If so, she might be a toxic influence in your life. Take note that it might not start off too badly, she might just "joke" about it at first. If they make you feel bad, whether it's a joke or not, it's time to let them go.

The Negative Woman

The thing about negative people is that you just can't win. No matter how good their live is, they'll always find something to complain about. The problem with this is that negativity can be a disease, and, trust us, you don't want to get infected.

The Cheating Woman

If you know your woman is a cheater, it's time to move on from this toxic relationship. She clearly can't respect you or the boundaries you've set in your relationship, so it's best to say goodbye or change the rules if you're happy with an 'open' relationship.

The Controlling Woman

Does your partner need to know what you're doing at all times? Does she boss you around and make you do everything her way? Sounds like you've got yourself into a toxic relationship with a control freak. Get out now!

The Jealous Woman

At the start of new relationships, a little jealously can seem kind of cute. But they don't call it the green-eyed 'monster' for no reason. Jealousy can turn relationships toxic in no time, especially when its misplaced, which is typically the case.

The Manipulative Woman

It's so hard to spot expert manipulators at the start, but these are some of the worst people to get into a relationship with. Does she try to trick or coerce you into doing things you don't want to do, without you even realizing? If so, it's time to end it.

The Demanding Woman

Here's a scenario you might be familiar with: does it feel like nothing you do is ever good enough for your partner? Do you continue to meet their demands, only for them to simply demand more? This sounds like a toxic relationship to us!

The Co-Dependent Woman

Does your partner cling to you just a little too much? Do you feel like you never get any space? Does it feel like you're responsible for your partner's happiness? This is definitely a toxic, co-dependent relationship that you should leave.

The Perfectionist Woman

If you're dating a perfectionist, you'll notice one thing. They won't commit to anything unless it's perfect. They find fault with everything, which makes it difficult for them to finish projects. Is this someone you want as your life partner?

The Narcissistic Woman

We laugh at how narcissists love themselves, but many people don't realize that narcissism is an actual personality disorder. If you find yourself being treated as an accessory to your woman's self-involved life, your relationship has turned toxic and it's time to go.

The Insecure Woman

Sometimes all you want to do is help this woman realize that all of her insecurities are unfounded. There's nothing malicious about her feeling this way, but it's still able to turn a relationship toxic if you find yourself constantly having to reassure her.

The Finger-Pointing Woman

Does your partner simply love playing the blame game? Is everything always your fault in her eyes? There's a number of reasons why she might be doing this, but unfortunately, none of them are good. It's best to get out of this relationship as soon as you can.

The Nagging Woman

Being with a nagging woman can make you feel like you're living back at home with your parents again. This is no way for an adult relationship to function. Unless she stops the nagging, you'll have to start packing your bags.

The Lying Woman

It might start out with just a few "harmless" white lies, but if you notice that your partner is telling fibs all the time, your relationship is probably toxic. If you can't trust your lying lady, it's time to move along.

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